Talking to Your Architect

One of the challenges that churches continually face is that we build sporadically. Dealing with architects, designers and builders happens from time-to-time. This means that XPs and church leaders must relearn the language of architecture with […]

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Communications Strategy

The XPastor Online Course on Operations 102–Communications encourages students to develop a communications strategy for their church. Below is the Communications Strategy of one of our students, the Executive Pastor for Seven Mile Road Church […]

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Discovering New Urbanism

How does the church fit into the restoration of compact, walkable, mixed-use communities? While large tract homes (sometimes unkindly called McMansions), big box stores, and seas of parking lots have defined the suburban ideal for the […]

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Church Publicity Campaigns

Summers are pretty busy for XPs. Beyond the normal budget preparation that keeps me busy, we also launched a major publicity venture for our 9/11 sermon series. This was a three-week series talking about the implications […]

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XPastor Re-Branded

All websites need an occasional dusting off … or even rebranded and restyled. How is your church’s website? Does it look like it did ten years ago?  Perhaps it’s time to improve your online image. A […]

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Moving Into Your New Facility

The following was a presentation made at a conference, explaining the process of moving into a newly-built church building. The PowerPoint is available at the bottom of this page, complete with photos and samples of […]

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Financing Your Building

David Fletcher asked Paul Sewell to lead a presentation on Financing Your Building at a conference. At the bottom of this page is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, complete with graphics. The presentation includes […]

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An Architect’s Presentation

The presentation that your architect will give you will provide you with a perspective on so many things. Is the architect understanding your spiritual DNA and how it will be represented in the building? Do […]

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Construction Manager At Risk Questions

When you are interviewing potential Construction Managers for your church’s building project, what type of questions should you ask? What things should you ask them to discuss and describe? Below are some suggested questions, provided by […]

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Typical Architectural Process

What is the architectural process, from start to finish, for planning a new  church building? Below is insight and wisdom from John Jackson, an architect experienced in helping churches build, on the process of designing a […]

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The Process of Hiring an Architect

What are the steps in finding the right architect for your church’s building project? Below are words and suggestions from an experienced architect, sharing the steps and technical terms that you will encounter throughout the process.

Letter […]

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Building Your Dream

Bob Feitl was an Architect and a Project Manager before he became an Executive Pastor. When he attended the XP-Seminar, he would often lead workshops regarding how to have a successful building project at your church. […]

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Webcasting Church Services

Imagine holding Sunday services with an unlimited number of available seats. Imagine those seats being accessible to anyone, anywhere in the United States or world. Surprisingly, these days it’s easy to turn those dreams into […]

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Blogging and Facebook Policy

These days it seems everyone is pushing you towards blogging, Facebook and Twitter. Whether for professional or personal reasons, it can be wise to take advantage of these emerging social networking opportunities. However, there can […]

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