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Mission of XPastor

The mission of XPastor is to “equip, coach and lead” you who lead and manage the church. Our tribe is church leaders—Executive Pastors, Senior Pastors, Pastors, Finance Personnel and Board Members. XPastor is a global tool for churches of all sizes. Since 2003, we have helped multitudes of church leaders.

XPastor Initiatives

Equip church leaders with informative and provocative articles.

  • XPastor is a vast treasury of articles on Church Finances, Governance, Job Descriptions, Ministry, Operations, Salaries, Staffing and Transition. XPastor has over 650 free articles, hundreds of FAQs and thousands of pages of information.
  • XPastor gives free information to thought leaders around the world.
  • XPastor encourages church leaders to write and publish articles from their experience and church learning.

Coach church leaders through personalized tactical action plans and strategic discussions.

  • XPastor guides leaders to understand their strengths and limitations through David’s book People Patterns and the XP-Indicator assessment tool.
  • XPastor’s Hey Fletch column is a free source of dynamic help. It is like a “Hints from Heloise” for church leaders.
  • XPastor’s personalized coaching creates accountability and gives better understanding of personality and gifting. It leverages leadership. Personalized coaching is a sounding board with someone outside the congregation who can bring an objective perspective to strategic issues. It gives access to a person with broad knowledge and experience in leading the church.

Lead through teaching and life-on-life example.

  • XPastor has been leading the tribe of church leaders since 2003.
  • XPastor hosts tribal meetings. Since 2005, the annual XP-Seminar has been held in Dallas. David teaches at Dallas Seminary and ETS India. The XPastor Online Courses are led by David with 65 national and international  guest lecturers.
  • XPastor conducts special events and interactive workshops.

Leading XPastor—David Fletcher

My passion is to hone church leaders in executive roles

Since his earliest days of ministry, Dr. David Fletcher has been called to serve his local church. For 35 years, he has served churches in Dallas, Austin, Akron and Fullerton. He worked in churches from 1,000 to 8,000 members. He is now serving the XPastor community full-time.

David draws on his extensive experience as an executive pastor and church elder to run XPastor. The site began as a place to host Fletcher’s useful XP ministry tool, the XP-Indicator, along with articles based on his research. Traffic to the site increased steadily, as did the content. XPastor now gets tens of thousands of visits monthly and had helped millions of leaders around the world. It holds thousands of pages of free information to help church leaders. XPastor also hosts the annual XP-Seminar, workshops and online courses for church leaders.

The XP-Indicator assessment tool is based on work with over 4,500 church leaders. The Indicator helps church leaders learn about how we interact and lead others. A fuller explanation is found in his book, People Patterns. David has also published Crisis Leadership.

An accomplished executive pastor, professor of doctoral ministry and an expert on church marketing, management and leadership, Fletcher’s focus remains on serving the local church, whether that church is in the United States, Eastern Asia or anywhere in between.

He and his wife were born and raised in Southern California. As an undergraduate at Occidental College in Los Angeles, David received special permission to take classes at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. Later he received two graduate degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, and took executive education classes at the Kellogg School of Management and the Harvard Business School.

From 2005 to the present, David teaches church leadership to Doctor of Ministry students at the Dallas Theological Seminary as an Adjunt Professor. At the Evangelical Theological Seminary of India, he made a ten-year commitment to found their Doctor of Ministries Program. He fulfilled his goal to train a national Indian leader to replace him. At ETS, Fletcher brought in world class authors as guest professors, such as Wayne Grudem, Darrell Bock and Gene Getz.

As part of his international outreach, Fletcher was treasurer for the American Council of the Asian Christian Academy, serving on the board for 25 years. Fletcher is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis. He has been trained in conflict resolution by Peacemaker Ministries. As a part of his local outreach efforts, David was a founding board member of OCUnited.

When he’s not actively involved in ministry and teaching, David loves to walk and exercise with his wife, Tami—and he loves scuba diving!

Director of XPastor—Tami Fletcher

Tami is the Director of XPastor. She maintains the XPastor website, produces events and edits articles with a ‘mean pen.’ Her favorite event is the annual XP-Seminar when she gets to be face-to-face with all the people she has been ministering to via email during the rest of the year!

Tami’s ministry experience includes working with the wives of pastors, organizing prayer meetings for church leaders and writing puppet scripts. For non-puppet drama, a claim to fame is her script for The Walk Through Bethlehem, an live-theater interaction seen by over 16,000 people.

She and David have been married for 38 years and thoroughly enjoy doing ministry together. They are “pleased and proud” of their two children. Jason, and his wife Erin, are graduates of the School of the Art Institute Chicago. They live in Boston where Jason is an Associate Producer for the planetarium at the Boston Museum of Science. Lauren, and her husband Josiah, are graduates from Stephen F. Austin University and have a national candle business, The Burlap Bag. They are also proud parents of the Fletcher’s two grandchildren: “Greta Lowe” and “Fletcher Lowe.” Many call Tami “Mrs. T,” but her favorite thing to hear is “Grandma T.”

History of Events

Since 2004, XPastor has led events designed to help you and your ministry grow. Enjoy the history, we certainly have!


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Personalized Coaching. Strategic Church Consulting. Mentoring XPs


Lots of new items are coming in 2019!


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Personalized Coaching. Strategic Church Consulting. Mentoring XPs


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Personalized Coaching. Strategic Church Consulting. Mentoring XPs


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Courses: Finances Part 2, Facilities & Ministry Strategy


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Courses: Generosity, Compensation, Indicator & Communications. Teams That Thrive. Risk Awareness Seminar


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Staffing Workshops: Colorado Springs, Seattle & Hawaii


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. XP-Day on Staffing, New York. Courses: Staffing, Communications, Finances Part 1. Webinars: Hiring, Employee Handbooks, SP Vision & Larry Osborne Interview


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. 3 XP-Days, Nashville, Raleigh & Washington DC


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas

Staffing Workshops, Fullerton & Orlando

Large Church Forum, Akron


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Mentoring & SP-XP Relationships, Tulsa. WFX Build Your Church, Houston & Indianapolis. 3 XP-Days, Raleigh, Pasadena & Seattle


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Business Practices or Spiritual Principles? Atlanta. WFX Charlotte, North Carolina. XP Day, Chicago


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Mentoring Clinic, Tulsa. Staffing Workshop, Phoenix. Leadership Clinic, New Jersey


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Lead Self Lead Others, Fullerton. Mentoring Clinic & SP-XP Clinic, Tulsa. WFX Design & Build Your Church, Atlanta. National XP-Day, Austin


National XP Day, Dallas


XP-Seminar & Workshops, Dallas. Mentoring Clinic, Tulsa. Peacemaking Clinic, Houston. 3 National XP Days in Dallas


XPastor is a teaching forum, based on the academic and church work of Dr. Fletcher and hundreds of other leaders.

XPastor does not providing legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship nor a clergy-penitent relationship. Articles and case studies are for educational purposes.

Talk with a CPA, financial advisor, attorney or other professional in a specific field, to determine how state and federal law applies to your issues.