Mission of XPastor

The mission of XPastor is to equip, coach and lead our tribe of executives in the church—Executive Pastors, Senior Pastors, Pastors, Finance & HR Personnel and Board Members. Since 2003, as a global tool for churches of all sizes, we have helped multitudes of church leaders.

Founder of XPastor

David Fletcher

My passion is to hone church leaders
in executive roles

 About Fletch and XPastor

Dr. David Fletcher is often called The Dean of Executive Pastors. Fletch was a pastor for 35 years in churches from 1,000-8,000 members, single and multisite, churches with mergers, camps, schools, apartments and cafés. 

He founded XPastor in 2003 and its 1,100 free articles have become a principal resource for leaders in a complex church world.

With two graduate degrees from Dallas Seminary and executive education at the Kellogg School of Management and the Harvard Business School, he brings an objective perspective, broad knowledge and vast experience. 

Fletch is a friend and church doctor. He brings biblical principles and best practices to your church’s unique culture and setting. He teaches Doctor of Ministry students at Dallas Seminary and ETS India, and has written 8 books and scores of articles for national publications.

With his wife, Tami, they love to walk the hills near their home in Austin, Texas—and Fletch loves scuba diving in rivers, lakes, missile silos and the world’s oceans.

Fletch Can Help Your Church

  • Stabilize your church in times of transition or crisis.
    • Bring best practices on finances, human resources, buildings and staff.
  • Develop dynamic vision and an annual strategy to accomplish that vision.
    • Mentor new Executive Pastors.
  • Bring systems to prevent child abuse, active shooters and embezzlement.
    • Recommend fair and locally sourced compensation.
  • Work with boards and pastors on leadership and governance.

The XPastor Team

Mike Gould

Director of Connections and Leadership Consultant

Mike is an accomplished senior leader, worship pastor and speaker who has served in ministry for over 20 years. He has pastored churches ranging in size from 300 to 3000.

Mike has helped his churches develop their unique culture. He is a strong builder and refiner of teams. His knack for developing church staff, hiring well, working out differences of opinion within teams and treating employees with love and dignity, contributes to the overall health of the organization. Mike has a God-given skill for identifying and understanding how congregations respond, or don’t respond, to their churches’ messaging, branding and communication. Mike has unique insights for identifying church culture, creating warm and welcoming environments, and for setting the desired “tone” for worship services. He seems to effortlessly help ministries adapt to better reflect its culture, values, and strengths.

He earned his Masters of Arts in Religion at Liberty University in 2003. Mike and his wife, Karin, live in Virginia with their four children. He enjoys songwriting in his free time and you can find his album It’s Not About Me on iTunes.

Tami Fletcher

Tami’s Areas of XPastor Specialty Include

  • Answering questions about events and helping you enroll.
  • Directing XPastor events, such as the annual Seminar and regional Workshops.
  • Editing all articles on XPastor … she wields a mean pen.
  • Producing the bi-monthly e-newsletter.
  • Working with the wives of XPs.

Tami is the Director of XPastor. Her favorite event is the annual XP-Seminar when she gets to be face-to-face with all the people she has been ministering to via email during the rest of the year!

Tami’s ministry experience includes organizing prayer meetings for church leaders and writing puppet scripts. For non-puppet drama, a claim to fame is her script for The Walk Through Bethlehem, a live-theater interaction seen by over 16,000 people.

She and David have been married for 39 years and thoroughly enjoy doing ministry together. They are “pleased and proud” of their two children. Jason, and his wife Erin, are graduates of the School of the Art Institute Chicago. They live in Boston where Jason is an Associate Producer for the planetarium at the Boston Museum of Science. Lauren, and her husband Josiah, are graduates from Stephen F. Austin University and have a national candle business, The Burlap Bag. They are also proud parents of the Fletcher’s two grandchildren: “Greta Lowe” and “Fletcher Lowe.” Many call Tami “Mrs. T,” but her favorite thing to hear is “Grandma T.”