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Org Charts

We have collected various org charts from churches, to aid you in thinking through your church’s structure. The churches are sorted by worship attendance.

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As one contributor said, “I have gotten numerous ideas on ways to adjust ours and communicate so much more.”

Abundant Life, Glen Burnie Maryland 5002018-02-15T18:16:56-05:00
Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist, Dallas Texas 2,9502018-02-24T15:06:13-05:00
Applewood Baptist, Wheat Ridge Colorado 7002018-02-15T18:17:17-05:00
Autumn Ridge, Rochester Minnesota 1,8002018-02-24T15:07:16-05:00
Bay Area Community, Annapolis Maryland 2,5002018-02-24T15:07:10-05:00
Bent Tree Bible Fellowship of Carrollton Texas 4,5002018-02-14T13:52:57-05:00
Beulah Alliance, Edmonton Canada 2,1002018-02-24T15:08:14-05:00
Bridgewater, Montrose Pennsylvania 1,5002018-02-24T15:04:51-05:00
Bridgeway Community, Columbia Maryland 4,2002018-02-24T15:05:59-05:00
Calvary Bible, Boulder Colorado 1,5002018-02-24T15:05:22-05:00
Calvary, Austin Texas 8002018-02-14T13:50:47-05:00
Capital Church, Salt Lake City Utah 1,2002018-02-24T15:04:33-05:00
Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church, Allentown Pennsylvania 7502018-02-14T15:49:28-05:00
Centerpoint, Murrieta California 2,5002018-02-24T15:07:04-05:00
Church at the Crossing, Aledo Texas 7002018-02-14T13:41:38-05:00
Church of the Saviour, Wayne Pennsylvania 1,8502018-02-24T15:07:22-05:00