Articles on Transition

The title of this menu, Transition, can take two directions. Perhaps you need help as you transition out of a position and look for a new one. Or perhaps you want to grow in your development as a pastor when ministering to someone in transition. Either way, here are some articles to encourage and help you.

Audio Engineer/Tech Director – Billings, Montana

Faith Evangelical Church in Billings, Montana is looking for a Audio Engineer/Tech Director to join them in ministry at the church. Personal Qualifications Strong audio engineering (FOH) background required. Possess a technically-inclined and detail-oriented [...]

Executive Pastor – Rockford, Illinois

Harvest Bible Chapel Rockford celebrated its 15-year anniversary in 2018. Our church is conservative in theology and aggressive in reaching people for Christ. Sunday morning services include 40-45 minutes of preaching, worship led by [...]

Executive Director—Austin, Texas

The Executive Director of SOLIDpastors is to lead and manage all aspects of the ministry, achieving the Vision and Mission of the organization.  SOLIDpastors’ vision is a coach for every pastor, and every pastor a [...]

Leaving a Ministry You Love

I recently took a new ministry position. As I made the decision to change ministries, I went back and forth since I would be leaving a place and people that I love! Note: If you [...]

Living in the Hallway is a Nightmare!

Recently I came across an uncommon word in my reading that I had never seen or heard before---"liminal." After looking it up, I discovered it is a great definition of a common condition we all [...]

Eight Ways to Respond When Facing Rejection

You will learn more about a person’s character when they face rejection than when they face success. It’s easy to feel enthusiastic, fearless, and prideful when we feel successful. However, being rejected or feeling [...]

Exited Pastors: The Ruined Landscape

I have lived through hurricanes. When I was much younger, growing up in Florida, there were several times when my family huddled together in our boarded-up home, lighting candles when the power went out and [...]

Good Fit or Poor Fit: How Can You Tell?

When Goldilocks visited the Three Bears’ house, she tried three different rocking chairs. Papa Bear’s was “too big,” she decided. Then Baby Bear’s broke into a dozen pieces under her weight. “Too small,” she declared [...]

Searching for Treasure in the Wilderness

The prospective pastor was obviously a seasoned communicator, a veteran with over thirty years of experience in ministry. Leaders in the local church were impressed with his desire to facilitate healing and reconciliation between them [...]

Reseeding a Life, Maybe Even Your Own

In the first article in this series, we talked about ever-present threats to our personal development and ministry as Executive Pastors. We discovered that quite possibly the biggest hindrance to our success as XP’s, as [...]

Change is Inevitable: Who Likes It?

It is said that change is an inevitable part of life; it is inescapable. My experience can certainly attest to this old adage. As Gail Sheehy once said, “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. [...]

How to Bid a Healthy Farewell

Bob had all the marks of a hurting pastor. I sat across the coffee shop table and hurt with him. He had recently finished his first year in Judson Church and celebrated the congregation's fiftieth [...]