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The title of this menu, Transition, can take two directions. Perhaps you need help as you transition out of a position and look for a new one. Or perhaps you want to grow in your development as a pastor when ministering to someone in transition. Either way, here are some articles to encourage and help you.


Interim Executive Pastor – Rochester, Minnesota

Autumn Ridge Church in Rochester, Minnesota, is seeking an interim executive pastor. The main responsibility of this pastor will be to effectively lead the church staff as they implement the church’s strategic vision, helping us [...]

Executive Pastor – Tupelo, Mississippi

Harrisburg Baptist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi, is a vibrant and influential Southern Baptist Church of 2,500+ members with a rich history of life transforming ministry. Today, with a mission-minded outward-focus, broad-based ministries, passionate staff [...]

Executive Pastor – Seattle, Washington

Rainier Avenue Church in Seattle, Washington, is looking to hire a full time Executive Pastor. This pastor would help RAC live out our vision by developing healthy church practices and investing in leaders. They would [...]

Executive Pastor – Greenville, Texas

Highland Terrace Baptist Church in Greenville, Texas is seeking a full time Executive Pastor. Duties will include administration, education, outreach and occasional preaching. Experience and education preferred. Please send resumes to Brenda Short at [email protected]

Communications Director – Tyler, Texas

Grace Community Church in Tyler, Texas has posted the position of Communication Director. This full time position has responsibilities to direct and execute the communication strategy for Grace. The Comm Director manages a team of staff [...]

Executive Pastor – Austin, Texas

Austin Christian Fellowship (ACF) is a multisite church in the Greater Austin area, with one campus and currently four site communities. We are an others-centered church that embraces the privilege and responsibility of taking the [...]

Leaving a Ministry You Love

I recently took a new ministry position. As I made the decision to change ministries, I went back and forth since I would be leaving a place and people that I love! Note: If you [...]

Book Review: The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan

The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan: How to Take Charge, Build Your Team, and Get Immediate Results, written by George Bradt, Jayme Check and Jorge Pedraza, is a book about helping executives succeed in transition. [...]

Living in the Hallway is a Nightmare!

Recently I came across an uncommon word in my reading that I had never seen or heard before---"liminal." After looking it up, I discovered it is a great definition of a common condition we all [...]

Eight Ways to Respond When Facing Rejection

You will learn more about a person’s character when they face rejection than when they face success. It’s easy to feel enthusiastic, fearless, and prideful when we feel successful. However, being rejected or feeling [...]

Exited Pastors: The Ruined Landscape

I have lived through hurricanes. When I was much younger, growing up in Florida, there were several times when my family huddled together in our boarded-up home, lighting candles when the power went out and [...]

The Interview Process and Sample Questions

To get to the in-person stage of the interview process, the candidate has successfully gone through one or two phone interviews. Below are some ideas for how the in-person interviews should proceed. Included are some [...]

Interviewing the Church … While They Interview You

I have worked at two different churches full-time and have learned, through my experiences, how and what to look for in a church. I do not consider myself to be an expert but want to [...]

Good Fit or Poor Fit: How Can You Tell?

When Goldilocks visited the Three Bears’ house, she tried three different rocking chairs. Papa Bear’s was “too big,” she decided. Then Baby Bear’s broke into a dozen pieces under her weight. “Too small,” she declared [...]

Searching for Treasure in the Wilderness

The prospective pastor was obviously a seasoned communicator, a veteran with over thirty years of experience in ministry. Leaders in the local church were impressed with his desire to facilitate healing and reconciliation between them [...]

Reseeding a Life, Maybe Even Your Own

In the first article in this series, we talked about ever-present threats to our personal development and ministry as Executive Pastors. We discovered that quite possibly the biggest hindrance to our success as XP’s, as [...]

Change is Inevitable: Who Likes It?

It is said that change is an inevitable part of life; it is inescapable. My experience can certainly attest to this old adage. As Gail Sheehy once said, “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. [...]

Making the Decision to Leave: Led, Lost or Loony?

Did you ever play Pickle as a kid? You know the game---the one where you run between two bases while the baseman tries to throw you out. There were always some kids that would never [...]

How to Bid a Healthy Farewell

Bob had all the marks of a hurting pastor. I sat across the coffee shop table and hurt with him. He had recently finished his first year in Judson Church and celebrated the congregation's fiftieth [...]

Leading Self Through Painful Transitions

For the past two months, I have been coaching several XPs who have been asked to resign their positions. Transition is never easy and usually makes the honor roll for experiencing pain and suffering in [...]

The Crash: A Journey to Accepting a New Staff Position

On a family trip out west, my family and I were traveling home for Christmas. After four hours of traveling, we heard a loud noise outside the car. We were traveling at seventy miles per [...]

Am I Meeting Expectations or Is It Time to Leave?

I had serviced my second congregation a long time, when I began asking myself, "How do I know when it's time to leave?" I had friends who were very good pastors, but they didn't know when [...]

A New Beginning: Suggestions for a New Pastor

Steve's phone call was filled with excitement. It was his first church. I had known him from his home church where he was a fine lay leader. Now he was on his own. He wanted [...]