The folks at Gloo have released an excellent free resource entitled, Boosting Easter Attendance—A Guide on Facebook Ad Campaigns. They say, “With Easter only a few months away, we wanted to get this free gift into your hands. Boosting Easter Attendance is an eBook designed to make you a pro at promoting your Easter events this year. The outcome—increased attendance.”

Gloo wants church leaders to know “everything necessary for running ad campaigns for Easter events.” That’s why they were sure to cover what they consider the most important bits of knowledge, including and in their words:

  1. Why Facebook is the most powerful ad platform of all time. Learn how to use the world’s largest social media platform to connect with your audience on a personal level.
  2. The 7 key elements of a successful Facebook campaign. Learn what they are, how to achieve them, and why they matter when it comes to engaging your people.
  3. How to identify & reach your audience. Building an effective audience requires research and a persona. Learn how data can help you build it.
  4. How to use compelling creative that drives conversions. Words aren’t the only way to communicate a message. See how the right creative can drive conversions.

Give yourself some time to work through this eBook—it’s full of gold. Doing so will help you strategize how this year’s Easter can be even more successful than last year.

Download the FREE eBook here.