Great Resumes

A great resume gives a great first impression. XPastor has some outstanding examples. When a church receives 200 resumes for a position, these are the kind of resumes that get “a closer look.” Learn from the great resumes.

Chris Calvert

Before and After Resume
and Resume Website

See Chris Calvert’s Original Resume in PDF

See Chris Calvert’s Revised Resume in PDF

Chris started with a good resume and made it even better. He wrote:

Fletch suggested that I shorten my resume (along the lines of the samples on the XPastor Great Resumes page) and pair it with a web page. And, so I did.

The resume is now easy to read with pertinent information on the first page.

Resume websites are excellent ways to help churches quickly get to know you. Chris Calvert’s site is an excellent example. It is clean, crisp and informative. It is a tremendous way of putting together lots of pertinent information. If a church wants to go deeper, they can do so at so many points of interest.