Video: Obamacare and Your Church

XPastor’s friend, The Church Law Group, regularly shares high quality videos. The video below is entitled, “Does the Affordable Care Act apply to your church?” Can you define what affordable and minimum essential coverage means? […]

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Copyright and the Pastor’s Sermon

Bob Smietana, in an article for Christianity Today, addresses copyright and the pastor’s sermon. His article is entitled, “Who Owns the Pastor’s Sermon? Church or pastor? When sermons become books that make millions in royalties, […]

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Video: Protect Your Sermons From Abuse

Did you know that your church is in the publishing business? Are you aware of everything that makes up Intellectual Property? Have you developed a thorough plan to protect the intellectual property of your church? Watch as David Middlebrook discusses those things […]

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Overtime Pay in the Smartphone Era

The Fair Labor Standards Act exempts employees employed in an executive, administrative, or professional capacity from the minimum wage and overtime pay provisions. To be covered by one of these exemptions, an employee must perform […]

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Sexual Abuse Safety Issues in Ministry

In recent years, our society has begun to understand the widespread nature of child sexual abuse. Studies indicate that one female child out of every three and one male child out of seven will be […]

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Handling Cash

Consider the following scenarios:  (1) A newspaper headline reads: “Sticky Fingered Deacon Pads Wallet with Offering Plate Funds.” Nobody wants this humiliating portrayal of their church to appear in the paper. (2) A senior pastor dreads […]

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Is Your Data Secure?

Think for a moment. Where do you keep information about your congregants or donors? In an Excel file on someone’s desktop computer? An Access database housed on your laptop? If someone were to steal your […]

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Webcasting Church Services

Imagine holding Sunday services with an unlimited number of available seats. Imagine those seats being accessible to anyone, anywhere in the United States or world. Surprisingly, these days it’s easy to turn those dreams into […]

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Blogging and Facebook Policy

These days it seems everyone is pushing you towards blogging, Facebook and Twitter. Whether for professional or personal reasons, it can be wise to take advantage of these emerging social networking opportunities. However, there can […]

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