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Job Descriptions

We have collected various job descriptions from churches. May these help you in ministry role or for others on your staff.

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Business Administrator 5002018-02-19T22:11:22-06:00

Business Administrator and Minister to Senior Adults of Stough Memorial Baptist Church in Pineville, North Carolina 500 in worship


The Business Administrator serves in support of the Senior Pastor in the administration of the business functions of the church. He shall be responsible for the oversight of SMBC Facilities, Finances, Human Resources, Communications, and Information Services, working closely with the committees that serve in these areas. He shall also be responsible for providing care, support, counseling, participation, and organization to the overall Senior Adult Ministry of Stough.


  1. This position shall be directly accountable to the Senior Pastor.
  2. This position shall be a team player, and will work in cooperation with other Pastoral Staff and Ministry leaders within the church.
  3. This position shall receive an annual review in June from the Senior Pastor.

Primary Areas of Responsibilities


  1. Coordinate with Building and Grounds Committee to maintain all church property in good condition.
  2. Authorize necessary repairs to be done in the most economical manner and within the limitations of the church budget.
  3. Report to the Senior Pastor and appropriate committees any extraordinary maintenance required and make recommendations for action to be taken.
  4. Direct facility maintenance personnel to see that the church buildings and grounds are maintained to standards of cleanliness and appearance that benefits the status of this church in the community.
  5. Oversee the use of church facilities to groups or organizations approved by the Senior Pastor and coordination of the church’s master calendar.
  6. Work with the Church Use Committee to develop procedures and rules for the use of church property and oversee the adherence to these rules.
  7. Ensure an accurate inventory of all equipment (furniture, office equipment, fixtures, etc.)
  8. Keep abreast of all laws and regulations affecting church property.
  9. Oversee security of the grounds.
  10. See that all keys are kept secure and implementation of key checkout system.
  11. Responsible for Greeter Ministry.
  12. Responsible to supervise all hired contractors to assure the job is being done in a safe, timely, wise, and fiscally prudent manner according to the contract and in a least disruptive manner. Be sure all governmental permits have been secured and are honored.


  1. Act as liaison for all fiscal activities working directly with the Finance Committee.
  2. Supervise Financial Secretary in maintaining good accounting records.
  3. Assist in identifying budget line item overages, determining causes, and developing financial policies to assure adherence.
  4. Insurance planning, updating, and maintenance.
  5. Develop and maintain purchase order system.
  6. Initiate annual budget preparation. Track budget with department heads throughout the year.
  7. Ensure Sunday morning collection procedures are clear and secure.
  8. Ensure banking operations are managed properly.
  9. Serve as central purchasing agent for office supplies and equipment. For large purchases, perform price comparisons, secure bids, prepare proposals and provide recommendations.
  10. Provide final authority in any day-to-day purchases, investment and financial decisions.

Human Resources

  1. Act as administrative staff liaison between pastoral staff, pastor, and leadership team.
  2. Recruit, interview, hire, train, supervise, evaluate, and terminate support staff, including secretary, maintenance and janitorial in consultation with Personnel Committee and Senior Pastor.
  3. Oversee contracted personnel and special service personnel.
  4. Maintain current job descriptions for all staff members.
  5. Attend to circumstances where support staff performance is less than satisfactory.
  6. Coordinate volunteers as needed.
  7. Facilitate annual performance reviews for Ministry Support Staff and make recommendations for salary increases.


  1. Serve as Editor of church publications including, but not limited to: weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, flyers, inserts, brochures, programs, booklets, etc.
  2. Track advertising costs and direct effective marketing plan.
  3. Oversee all printing, graphics, advertising, and public relations materials and programs

Information Services

  1. Oversee the Information Services and Technical Teams of the church.
  2. Develop Information Services plan for the church, including purchasing, installing, upgrading, and maintaining equipment needed to operate in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
  3. Set policies and guidelines for use of all church-owned computer and technical equipment.

Minister to Senior Adults

  1. Provide an organized program for Senior Adults in keeping with the purposes and values of the church.
  2. Care for and minister to the needs of Senior Adults, including hospital and nursing home visitation, counseling, and assistance when needed.
  3. Participate actively in Senior Adult fellowships and social activities.
  4. Develop programs for spiritual growth designed specifically for Senior Adults.
  5. Lead, support, promote, and develop the Senior Adult Ministry of Stough.

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related duties required by their supervisor.

Campus Pastor2018-02-19T22:16:31-06:00

Campus Pastor at Southside Church, A Church of the Nazarene of Chesterfield, Virginia

Job Summary

The Campus Pastor shall be the on-site Lead and shall serve at Southside Church of the Nazarene and shall fulfill the responsibilities of leader in the spirit of 1 Timothy 3:2-7. This Minister is expected to be living in harmony with the general and special rules of the Church of the Nazarene as stated in the Manual: Church of the Nazarene. Employment shall be reviewed at the end of each fiscal year and potential renewal of employment shall be considered at that time.

Purpose of this Position

Ensure the holistic spiritual growth, process and logistical execution of body life at a church campus.

Description of Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. If the Campus only has one venue, CP assumes all responsibilities of Venue Pastor.
  2. Oversees and works with the Venue pastors on a regular basis to ensure smooth service flow.
  3. Works with the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor and other Campus pastors to discuss vision, needs, service opportunities and worship focuses for church at large. Reports to Executive Pastor.
  4. Has responsibility of holistic (spiritual, emotional, physical) health of people at their campus.
  5. Care is given through one-on-one care, as well as high touch work in getting people to small groups where they can be cared for.
  6. Works with Adult Pastor, Children’s Pastor and Teen Connection Pastor to ensure success in Adult, Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry and are in alignment with campus objectives.
  7. Keeps campus focused on all key church initiatives.
  8. Develops and teaches spiritual development classes to help grow the body of Christ.
  9. Works with small groups in area to reach out to neighborhood community. The objective is to lead, equip, and oversee the development of small groups within the campus geographical area. The specific duties associated with this include:

a. Pray for and with the leaders under care.

b. Facilitate relationships within and with small group’s leaders and coaches. Understand the importance of relationships and the overall purpose of small groups to be both relational and missional.*

c. Build a community of small groups in the campus community. Oversee the spiritual health of all small group communities in the assigned geographic area.

d. Develop and facilitate the development of coaches that will assist small group leaders.

e. Understand and communicate discipleship and the process of spiritual formation and how small groups support this process.

f. Measure success by clearly defining, communicating and assessing the effectiveness of small groups according to five guiding small group questions (see below).

g. Accountable to small group functional leader for overall development processes and the strategic direction on small group ministry.

h. Ensure small group leaders are: 1) on training track and accountable for it; 2) understanding and living a personal spiritual formation plan.

i. Deal with conflict as it arises in a manner fitting the Gospel.

j. Cast vision for groups in area of responsibility.

k. Assist leaders in multiplying new groups.

l. Contribute to the development and implementation of new training tools.

m. Develop relationships with other area pastors (of other denominations) as needed to see Kingdom of God advance.

Unique Qualities to Perform this Position

  1. High leadership skills, experience leading a small group or current participation in a small group.
  2. Ability to mentor others and guide through supportive relationships.
  3. Flexible, process-oriented, supportive team player.
  4. High level manager.
  5. Pastoral heart.
  6. Effective communicator and motivator with the ability to step in and deliver God’s messages in an effective way.
  7. Ability to manage a team.
  8. Multi-tasker.
  9. Flexible, process-oriented, supportive team player. A self-starter who possesses personal networking skills.
  10. Should have the ability to manage teams and individuals.
  11. Typically has one or more of the following spiritual gifts: Leadership, Encouragement, Administration, Intercession and/or Shepherding.

Key Results

  1. Campus has clarity of vision of where the church is going, campus is unified, campus has sense of purpose, campus is growing.
  2. Programs and Reach-Connect-Grow-Serve initiatives are running smoothly.
  3. People are connected and feel cared for.
  4. Small groups are growing and impacting neighborhoods. Small groups are healthy and vibrant with a sense of community ownership.
  5. New groups are regularly established.
  6. People continue to grow and become Christ-like disciples.
  7. Champions the embodiment of “One Church, Many Locations” and fulfilling the mission “to love all people into a community of Christ-like disciples.”
  8. Understand assimilation and discipleshi