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Job Descriptions

We have collected various job descriptions from churches. May these help you in ministry role or for others on your staff.

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Business Administrator 5002018-02-19T22:11:22-05:00

Business Administrator and Minister to Senior Adults of Stough Memorial Baptist Church in Pineville, North Carolina 500 in worship


The Business Administrator serves in support of the Senior Pastor in the administration of the business functions of the church. He shall be responsible for the oversight of SMBC Facilities, Finances, Human Resources, Communications, and Information Services, working closely with the committees that serve in these areas. He shall also be responsible for providing care, support, counseling, participation, and organization to the overall Senior Adult Ministry of Stough.


  1. This position shall be directly accountable to the Senior Pastor.
  2. This position shall be a team player, and will work in cooperation with other Pastoral Staff and Ministry leaders within the church.
  3. This position shall receive an annual review in June from the Senior Pastor.

Primary Areas of Responsibilities


  1. Coordinate with Building and Grounds Committee to maintain all church property in good condition.
  2. Authorize necessary repairs to be done in the most economical manner and within the limitations of the church budget.
  3. Report to the Senior Pastor and appropriate committees any extraordinary maintenance required and make recommendations for action to be taken.
  4. Direct facility maintenance personnel to see that the church buildings and grounds are maintained to standards of cleanliness and appearance that benefits the status of this church in the community.
  5. Oversee the use of church facilities to groups or organizations approved by the Senior Pastor and coordination of the church’s master calendar.
  6. Work with the Church Use Committee to develop procedures and rules for the use of church property and oversee the adherence to these rules.
  7. Ensure an accurate inventory of all equipment (furniture, office equipment, fixtures, etc.)
  8. Keep abreast of all laws and regulations affecting church property.
  9. Oversee security of the grounds.
  10. See that all keys are kept secure and implementation of key checkout system.
  11. Responsible for Greeter Ministry.
  12. Responsible to supervise all hired contractors to assure the job is being done in a safe, timely, wise, and fiscally prudent manner according to the contract and in a least disruptive manner. Be sure all governmental permits have been secured and are honored.


  1. Act as liaison for all fiscal activities working directly with the Finance Committee.
  2. Supervise Financial Secretary in maintaining good accounting records.
  3. Assist in identifying budget line item overages, determining causes, and developing financial policies to assure adherence.
  4. Insurance planning, updating, and maintenance.
  5. Develop and maintain purchase order system.
  6. Initiate annual budget preparation. Track budget with department heads throughout the year.
  7. Ensure Sunday morning collection procedures are clear and secure.
  8. Ensure banking operations are managed properly.
  9. Serve as central purchasing agent for office supplies and equipment. For large purchases, perform price comparisons, secure bids, prepare proposals and provide recommendations.
  10. Provide final authority in any day-to-day purchases, investment and financial decisions.

Human Resources

  1. Act as administrative staff liaison between pastoral staff, pastor, and leadership team.
  2. Recruit, interview, hire, train, supervise, evaluate, and terminate support staff, including secretary, maintenance and janitorial in consultation with Personnel Committee and Senior Pastor.
  3. Oversee contracted personnel and special service personnel.
  4. Maintain current job descriptions for all staff members.
  5. Attend to circumstances where support staff performance is less than satisfactory.
  6. Coordinate volunteers as needed.
  7. Facilitate annual performance reviews for Ministry Support Staff and make recommendations for salary increases.


  1. Serve as Editor of church publications including, but not limited to: weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, flyers, inserts, brochures, programs, booklets, etc.
  2. Track advertising costs and direct effective marketing plan.
  3. Oversee all printing, graphics, advertising, and public relations materials and programs

Information Services

  1. Oversee the Information Services and Technical Teams of the church.
  2. Develop Information Services plan for the church, including purchasing, installing, upgrading, and maintaining equipment needed to operate in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
  3. Set policies and guidelines for use of all church-owned computer and technical equipment.

Minister to Senior Adults

  1. Provide an organized program for Senior Adults in keeping with the purposes and values of the church.
  2. Care for and minister to the needs of Senior Adults, including hospital and nursing home visitation, counseling, and assistance when needed.
  3. Participate actively in Senior Adult fellowships and social activities.
  4. Develop programs for spiritual growth designed specifically for Senior Adults.
  5. Lead, support, promote, and develop the Senior Adult Ministry of Stough.

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related duties required by their supervisor.

Campus Pastor2018-02-19T22:16:31-05:00

Campus Pastor at Southside Church, A Church of the Nazarene of Chesterfield, Virginia

Job Summary

The Campus Pastor shall be the on-site Lead and shall serve at Southside Church of the Nazarene and shall fulfill the responsibilities of leader in the spirit of 1 Timothy 3:2-7. This Minister is expected to be living in harmony with the general and special rules of the Church of the Nazarene as stated in the Manual: Church of the Nazarene. Employment shall be reviewed at the end of each fiscal year and potential renewal of employment shall be considered at that time.

Purpose of this Position

Ensure the holistic spiritual growth, process and logistical execution of body life at a church campus.

Description of Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. If the Campus only has one venue, CP assumes all responsibilities of Venue Pastor.
  2. Oversees and works with the Venue pastors on a regular basis to ensure smooth service flow.
  3. Works with the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor and other Campus pastors to discuss vision, needs, service opportunities and worship focuses for church at large. Reports to Executive Pastor.
  4. Has responsibility of holistic (spiritual, emotional, physical) health of people at their campus.
  5. Care is given through one-on-one care, as well as high touch work in getting people to small groups where they can be cared for.
  6. Works with Adult Pastor, Children’s Pastor and Teen Connection Pastor to ensure success in Adult, Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry and are in alignment with campus objectives.
  7. Keeps campus focused on all key church initiatives.
  8. Develops and teaches spiritual development classes to help grow the body of Christ.
  9. Works with small groups in area to reach out to neighborhood community. The objective is to lead, equip, and oversee the development of small groups within the campus geographical area. The specific duties associated with this include:

a. Pray for and with the leaders under care.

b. Facilitate relationships within and with small group’s leaders and coaches. Understand the importance of relationships and the overall purpose of small groups to be both relational and missional.*

c. Build a community of small groups in the campus community. Oversee the spiritual health of all small group communities in the assigned geographic area.

d. Develop and facilitate the development of coaches that will assist small group leaders.

e. Understand and communicate discipleship and the process of spiritual formation and how small groups support this process.

f. Measure success by clearly defining, communicating and assessing the effectiveness of small groups according to five guiding small group questions (see below).

g. Accountable to small group functional leader for overall development processes and the strategic direction on small group ministry.

h. Ensure small group leaders are: 1) on training track and accountable for it; 2) understanding and living a personal spiritual formation plan.

i. Deal with conflict as it arises in a manner fitting the Gospel.

j. Cast vision for groups in area of responsibility.

k. Assist leaders in multiplying new groups.

l. Contribute to the development and implementation of new training tools.

m. Develop relationships with other area pastors (of other denominations) as needed to see Kingdom of God advance.

Unique Qualities to Perform this Position

  1. High leadership skills, experience leading a small group or current participation in a small group.
  2. Ability to mentor others and guide through supportive relationships.
  3. Flexible, process-oriented, supportive team player.
  4. High level manager.
  5. Pastoral heart.
  6. Effective communicator and motivator with the ability to step in and deliver God’s messages in an effective way.
  7. Ability to manage a team.
  8. Multi-tasker.
  9. Flexible, process-oriented, supportive team player. A self-starter who possesses personal networking skills.
  10. Should have the ability to manage teams and individuals.
  11. Typically has one or more of the following spiritual gifts: Leadership, Encouragement, Administration, Intercession and/or Shepherding.

Key Results

  1. Campus has clarity of vision of where the church is going, campus is unified, campus has sense of purpose, campus is growing.
  2. Programs and Reach-Connect-Grow-Serve initiatives are running smoothly.
  3. People are connected and feel cared for.
  4. Small groups are growing and impacting neighborhoods. Small groups are healthy and vibrant with a sense of community ownership.
  5. New groups are regularly established.
  6. People continue to grow and become Christ-like disciples.
  7. Champions the embodiment of “One Church, Many Locations” and fulfilling the mission “to love all people into a community of Christ-like disciples.”
  8. Understand assimilation and discipleship process and executes it effectively.

*Note: Small Group Purposes and Metrics

Relational – All about building relationships with God and each other at ever deepening levels.

Missional – All about go into the community and serving it in Jesus’ name and growing as disciples in the process.

  1. Are people connecting to our small group?
  2. Are the relationships in our small group deepening?
  3. Are our lives being transformed—are we becoming Christ-like disciples?
  4. Is the neighborhood around us changing for the better?
  5. Are we having fun?
Church Administrator2018-02-19T21:51:51-05:00

Church Administrator of Trinity Baptist Church in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Purpose of Position

The purpose of the Church Administrator is to organize information, manage team logistics, communicate information relating to the church calendar and building usage, and work toward keeping the day-to-day operations at Trinity organized and clear. Hours are 37 per week and the position reports to the Executive Pastor

Office Responsibilities

  1. Manage the church office.
  2. To offer a knowledgeable presence during office hours.
  3. To facilitate church communication networks: bulletins, phones, etc.
  4. To manage office policy enforcement: building use, bulletin boards, mailboxes, flyers, etc.
  5. Manage the flow of supplies.
  6. To facilitate and schedule building usage in conjunction with staff.
  7. To maintain and communicate the master church calendar.
  8. In conjunction with the Community Team and ministry leaders, update the Information Booth and alert volunteers to changes.

Staff Responsibilities

  1. The Church Administrator works to alert staff as to what’s needed and when in order for the organization to run smoothly.
  2. Manage office resources to support staff projects.
  3. Manage communications between staff and Operation’s representative regarding repairs, scheduling maintenance, usage, etc.
  4. Available for direct administrative support for the Senior and Executive Pastors.
  5. Oversee the church database (ACS) and its use.
  6. The Church Administrator plays a vital role in weekly staff meetings and helps communicate information pertaining to the church calendar, building usage, and other relevant information.
  7. The Church Administrator is responsible to oversee all paid office staff and volunteers. This should include scheduling individual time to help develop and coach the individual’s leadership and ministry development.
  8. The Church Administrator will work with the Worship Pastor to coordinate the necessary resources for Sunday worship.
  9. The Church Administrator is responsible to hold his/her staff accountable in their budget spending, time usage, and personal and professional relationships.

Ministry Strategy Responsibilities

  1. The Church Administrator is an integral part of Trinity’s leadership team. She will work in conjunction with the staff team in the yearly review of church ministries and overall church strategy.
  2. The Church Administrator is available as a resource to the volunteer leaders to help facilitate as able.
  3. The Church Administrator is responsible to perform the reviews and evaluation of all paid staff members who report directly to the Church Administrator on an annual basis and present annual goals for the following year to the Executive Pastor.
  4. The Church Administrator will participate in the planning of Trinity’s annual Vision Casting Night. Vision casting night is Trinity’s annual business meeting and presentation of each ministry’s direction for the coming year.
  5. The Church Administrator is expected to help coordinate and participate in Trinity’s annual Staff Retreat.

Communication Responsibilities

  1. The Church Administrator is responsible to provide weekly agreed upon staff summaries of the regular staff meeting to the Elder Team.
  2. In partnership with the Executive Pastor, the Church Administrator is responsible to “ring the bell” on issues related to the annual finance calendar, annual meeting, nominating team, annual vision planning or others that may arise.

Business/Human Resource Responsibilities

  1. The Church Administrator works with the church treasurer to facilitate the day-to-day business of fiscal responsibility. This includes overseeing the payment of bills, reimbursements, and the issuing of checks.
  2. Responsible to develop and oversee the office budget.
  3. Keep current on policies that affect church finances and alert staff.
  4. Insurance. The Church Administrator will work with the Executive Pastor to oversee, along with Trinity’s finance team, all insurance details for Health Insurance, Disability & Workers’ Comp, Property & Abuse, and Liability Insurance.
  5. Laws & Taxes. The Church Administrator is responsible to oversee, along with Trinity’s finance team, Trinity’s compliance with State & Federal Laws and State & Federal taxes.
  6. Staff Benefits. The Church Administrator is responsible to oversee proper records for staff vacation days, raises, and benefits.
  7. The Church Administrator will work in conjunction with the Executive Pastor to create, manage, and maintain all church policy handbooks. These handbooks will contain all appropriate policies and guidelines and will be made easily available to all staff.


  1. The Church Administrator is to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ and is to be actively seeking a deeper relationship with Him. This belief should be lived out in such a way that it is obvious and real to those in the leadership of Trinity and the church family.
  2. The Church Administrator is to be a team player of Trinity Church.
  3. The Church Administrator will recognize that working with a team is essential to successful ministry. It is expected that he work closely with other staff members and develop a support team of volunteers made up of team players.
  4. The Church Administrator will be disciplined and diligent with his/her time, keeping a balance between home and work. Obviously there are exceptions in a work week. However, one’s family should not be sacrificed for the sake of the ministry.
  5. The Church Administrator is to spend time throughout the year developing her skills in ministry, developing her character, and sharpening her knowledge and understanding in ministering to people while fulfilling her role as Church Administrator.
  6. Professional review and development should occur through honest and ongoing feedback. Deliberate and meaningful conversations are expected with the Executive Pastor on at least a monthly basis. An annual evaluation of the Church Administrator will occur through the Elders in conjunction with the Executive Pastor and Senior Teaching Pastor.
Elder 2,0002018-02-19T22:13:05-05:00

Elder of Northwest Bible Church of Dallas, Texas 2,000 in worship

Primarily a Community

The Elders are a community of spiritual leaders fulfilling the biblical mandate for Christlikeness.

“We want to be a community of Elders whereby we are helping create an environment that equips and encourages people in our body to passionately pursue Jesus Christ through worship, instruction, service, evangelism and relationships.”


“The purpose of our Council of Elders is not meetings but maturing. It is about knowing God, and growing in Christlikeness which is the fruit of true spiritual community. Then, it is about shepherding God’s flock at Northwest Bible Church.”

Elder Priorities

  • Envisioning the future and spiritually leading the congregation, done by our Senior Pastor.
  • Studying together of God’s Word.
  • Praying together.
  • Serving in ministry together.
  • Connecting to our core vision team.
  • Partnering with our Senior Pastor on shepherding issues.
  • Engaging one another in accountable relationships.
  • Facilitating the Elders agenda, done by our Chairman.
  • Developing new Elders and identifying church leaders.
  • Governing the Church, knowing ministry and staff, guided by our Executive Pastor.

Our Constitution says about Elders

  • Praying for and with the people and watching over their spiritual and physical needs.
  • Administering the ordinances.
  • Making provision for pulpit supply.
  • Visiting members, giving counsel and comfort to those with special needs.
  • Being responsive to all other matters that affect the well being of this church.
  • Directing the affairs of the church, organizations and programs.
  • Promoting missions at home and abroad.
  • Executing legal documents of the church.
  • Receiving and dismissing members.
  • Exercising discipline.



  • Facilitate discussion as “an Elder Community.”
    • This assumes a “strong group” model wherein each Elder has an equal and needed voice.
  • Set the Elder agenda with the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor

Vice-Chairman and Secretary

  • Vice-Chairman fills in for the Chairman when the Chairman is unavailable.
  • Secretary oversees that minutes are kept and co-signs with the Chairman official documents of the church.

All Elders

  • Have an equal voice in meetings.
  • Make decisions by coming to “one mind,” as led by the Holy Spirit. Decisions will be unanimous, without abstentions.
  • Meet once a month with our Senior Pastor to discuss personal and church vision issues. Meet once a month with our Executive Pastor to discuss personal and church governance issues. On a regular basis, the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor shall bring ministerial staff members to the meetings.
  • Meet with one another to discuss personal issues and shepherding the church.

Meeting Format—Three Thursdays a Month; 6:00-9:00 pm

Led by our Chairman and Senior Pastor, kept on track by our Executive Pastor

  1. Dinner—fellowship, prayer and encouragement
    • Core Vision Team—once a year with their spouse, 4 meetings a year
    • Ministers & Directors—coming as departments with their Core Vision Team member—4 meetings a year
    • Deacons—3 meetings a year
    • Ministry Teams—4 meetings a year
    • Individuals—8 meetings a year
    • Only Elders—10 meetings a year
  1. Prayer—Elders working with the Senior Pastor
    • A spiritual discipline of together listening to God.
    • Bringing specific needs of the church before God.
    • Confessing sin; Thanksgiving
  1. Discussion of Church Vision—Senior Pastor
  2. Ministry Business—Elders working with the Executive Pastor
    • Shepherding items
    • Major business items
    • Finance Committee Chairman—twice a year
  1. Spiritual Ministry—Elders working with the Senior Pastor
    • Time in the Word
    • Spiritual Growth
    • Service Projects

Responsibility Delegated by our Elders

  1. Audit Committee
  2. Budget and Compensation Committee
  3. Core Vision Team
    • Community
    • Equipping
    • Family
    • Outreach
  4. Deacons
  5. Finance Committee and Treasurer
  6. Mercies Committee
  7. Missions Committee
  8. Stephen Ministers

Reports that Come to our Elders

  1. Weekly
    • Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor
  2. Semi-Monthly
    • Staff
  3. Monthly
    • Balance Sheet
    • Finance Committee Minutes
    • Financial Status
    • Mercies Committee Minutes
    • Missions Team Minutes
  4. Quarterly
    • Mercies Expenses
    • Treasurers
  5. Annually
    • External Audit and Management Letter
    • Budgets

Elders Do

  • Reviews of Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, and self-review of Elders.
  • Ordination
  • Restoration


  • Model leadership in personal and group ministry.
  • Be honest with one another.
  • Grow in personal spiritual transformation.
  • Get to know each other, spend time with each other outside of meetings.
  • Get to know members by introducing themselves, spending time with them.
  • Insist on unity in decisions.

Elders Do Not

  • Do anything we can delegate.
  • Deal firsthand with every conflict and shepherding need.
  • Micromanage ministry.
  • Set procedures for running ministry—but do set policy.
  • Fill time with agenda items because “it is there.”
  • Go ahead with a meeting when there is personal hurt or need.
Executive Director 1,4002018-02-20T09:32:57-05:00

Executive Director of Bethany Community Church in Seattle, Washington 1,400 in worship


The Executive Director will assist the Senior Pastor with the implementation of vision and spiritual direction of Bethany Community Church, so that the Senior Pastor can continue his main responsibility of teaching, vision casting, and shepherding.

Reports To

Senior Pastor


The Senior Pastor, Church Council, Finance Director, and Operations Director.

Areas of Responsibility

Execute the vision of the Senior Pastor throughout the Church Leadership Structure by:

  • Meet regularly with the Senior Pastor for discipleship, prayer and planning.
  • Attend the Church Council Meetings to bring updates and input for the church’s progress.
  • Commit to the vision and become creatively involved in its development, articulation, and implementation.
  • Develop the leadership structure of the church and oversee its effectiveness.
  • Give oversight to the staff culture in such a way that culture increasingly embodies the ethics of servant leadership and commitment demonstrated by Christ.
  • Commit to mobilizing and coaching, so that the ministry remains in the hands of the people (Eph. 4:12).
  • Streamline job descriptions, communication, and authority paths to maximize personal creativity, strengths, efficiency, and effectiveness, while minimizing bureaucracy. Oversee the launching of new ministries that the Lord raises up, so that they are consistent with the church’s vision, values, and purposes.
  • Direct the hiring of staff and also the formal procedure in dismissing or repositioning of staff.
  • Handle personnel conflicts and troubleshoot program and ministry challenges.
  • In cooperation with the Operations Director, establish church policies and procedures that effectively facilitate the vision.

Lead the Ministry Director Team by:

  • Develop a streamlined, coordinated strategy for ministry for all ministries based on the church’s vision, values, and purposes.
  • Guide the Ministry Director Team in setting and tracking specific, measurable goals to insure that the vision and purposes of the ministry are being achieved.
  • Creat staff meeting agendas and lead those meeting in cooperation with the Senior Pastor and Operations Director so that the staff is informed, equipped, nurtured and a cohesive direction for ministry is provided.

Lead the Ministry Staff by:

  • Setting and tracking specific, measurable goals to insure that the vision is being achieved.
  • Equipping Ministry Staff for leading their Ministry Team meetings with volunteers.
  • Oversee the budget development, budget adherence, and cash flow in conjunction with the Finance Director.
  • Perform semi-annual performance reviews on direct reports and follow through with Senior Pastor.

The Executive Director will also assume other responsibilities as directed by the Senior Pastor subject to the approval of the church council.

Position Requirements

  • The top two professional requirements for this position are that the individual needs to be an exceptional manager and that they have the ability to lead a large organization.
  • Significant experience in administration of a church or a business is required, with specific human resources, project management and/or financial background a plus.
  • Minimum of ten years managing multiple staff of at least 6-8 people in a church and/or non-profit setting required. Experience working on a church staff is helpful but at least five years of marketplace experience is required.
  • Work history on or with a church staff is preferred, so that the candidate has an understanding of the requirements and demands of a pastoral staff, staffing issues, church budgets and ministry development.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is required and a MS, MBA or M. Div preferred.
  • Spiritual gifts of leadership and administration with the ability to encourage others are required.
  • Proven ability to provide strong input into an organization’s strategic direction. Ability to translate vision and mission into staffing, budget, and facilities plans.
  • Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills and proven presentation skills.
  • Proven ability in successfully serving as overall staff leader, developing policies and procedures, and hiring, developing, and terminating staff members.
  • Background in organizational development with abilities to coach and develop staff and volunteers.
  • Proven ability to develop and implement a plan to completion.
  • Proven track record of getting projects and tasks completed on time and on budget while also working well with others in the process.
  • Proven ability to excel while working in a rapidly changing, dynamic environment of diverse scope and constituencies.
  • Background working with and developing annual budgets of at least $1 million, facilities management, financial management and administrative functions.


Full Time: 40 hours
Full medical and dental benefits package, auto and expense account, and continuing education reimbursement.
Salary: Dependent upon experience

Executive Director of Ministries2018-02-19T22:14:21-05:00

Executive Director of Ministries

I. Title

Executive Director of Ministries (also known as Executive Pastor)

II. Reports to

Senior Pastor

III. Role

Operating as an extension of the Senior Pastor, sharing the vision and responsibilities to manage and direct the implementation of the vision and ministry plan of BFC; including coordinating all strategic and scenario planning, staffing of all personnel, goal setting, and formulation of operational policies and procedures.

IV. Scope of Ministry

Ministry Directors: Children, Youth, Care, Worship Arts, Community Life, Operations, Accounting, Human Resource, Preschool.

V. Approximate Time Requirements

Average of about 50 hours per week.

VI. Responsibilities

  1. Vision
    • Assist Senior Pastor in developing and clarifying vision. Meet weekly with Senior Pastor.
    • Implement the vision with the staff (Ministry Directors).
    • Become chief spokesperson for implementing vision.
  2. Strategic and Scenario Planning
    • Coordinate (strategic and scenario) planning process with Senior Pastor and Ministry Directors.
    • Work with Senior Pastor to develop and clarify major objectives and goals.
    • Manage progress of staff (Ministry Directors).
    • Assures development of volunteer (servant) leadership training and oversight of their ministries by Ministry Directors.
  3. Ministry Staff
    • Works with staff team to implement vision (recruits, trains, develops, and directs ministry team).
    • Manages and evaluates staff by objectives and goals (evaluation).
    • Presides over Ministry Director’s (staff) meetings.
    • Gives support, encouragement and oversight to ministry team leaders to ensure their understanding of vision.
    • Assists in new staff positions and changes.
    • Creates an environment for all staff through their Ministry Director, to be creative, feel valued and cared for and to have opportunities to develop their S.H.A.P.E.
    • Meets at least twice monthly with each Ministry Director (staff), except monthly with the Preschool Director.
    • Incorporates staff recommendations for vision implementation.
  4. Administration
    • Works with Senior Pastor and Ministry Directors to develop operational policies and procedures.
    • Responsible for ministry, finances, administration, and operations of the church.
    • Ex-officio member of the Board of Elders and Executive Committee of the Elders without a vote in 2008.
    • Meet regularly with Administrative Assistant for communication, planning and coordination.
  5. Added Responsibilities Since Original Job Description.
    1. Small Group Leadership: Model leading and reproducing small groups by regularly leading a small group.
    2. Men’s Ministry: Attend the men’s special events as available and men’s retreat each year.
    3. Elders: Provide administrative support to the Elders. See that their notebook of meetings and minutes are kept accurate and that all policies are kept organized and available as needed.
    4. Teaching Pastor’s Team: Participate in teaching on weekends as scheduled.

VII. Primary Strengths and Abilities Needed

  1. A passion for and commitment to the leadership of Jesus Christ and application of the Scripture.
  2. A demonstrable prayer life that seeks God’s wisdom and direction in all decision making.
  3. The ability to communicate a caring, loving heart, coupled with the skills of an effective leader and manager.
  4. Organized, persuasive, skilled in delegation. Also needed is experience in master planning (strategic or situational planning).
  5. Demonstrates faith by discovering solutions and investigating all ministry possibilities.
  6. Enables us to develop an ethnically diverse ministry team.
  7. Able to preach and teach with sufficient skill for weekend services.
Executive Director of Ministries 5002018-02-19T22:05:45-05:00

Executive Director of Ministries of Beechwood Church in Holland, Michigan, 500 in worship

This position is responsible for:

  1. Day-to-day administration, management and operations of the church.
  2. Continuing development of a strategic vision process which is endorsed by the leadership and the congregation.
  3. Execution of an effective and efficient means for supporting the church’s ministries, resources and personnel.
  4. Assistance to the pastoral staff as needed for the ministry of the church.

Position: Executive, Ministry Support

  • Accountable to: Senior Pastor
  • Ministry target: Church in general
  • Position is: Paid staff
  • Position may be filled by: Church member or non-member
  • Minimum maturity level: Solid, very mature Christian
  • Spiritual gifts: Administration and Leadership
  • Talents or abilities desired: Good organizational skills, ability to lead others, strategic thinking, proven business experience including finance, solid Bible interpretation
  • Best personality traits: Leader-dependable, Expresser, Team Builder
  • Passion for: Assisting the pastoral staff and Consistory in leading the church
  • Length of service commitment: Two years minimum

Anticipated Time Commitments

  1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: Full time, off on Saturday and one day during week, not to coincide with the senior pastor, except for emergencies and special occasions.
  2. Participating in meetings/training: As required.


  1. Manage the daily operations of the church.
  2. Conduct goal setting, performance reviews and staff training.
  3. Implement church policies and procedures under direction of the Consistory.
  4. Assist leadership in defining the dynamic vision for the church in accordance with Scripture and “The Purpose Driven Church.”
  5. Assist the church’s ministries in developing ministry plans that provide for achieving the immediate, near-term and longer-term goals and objectives.
  6. Together with the leadership (Elders and Deacons), provide oversight and administrative support to all established and new ministries of the church.
  7. Pray for and support the pastoral staff. Assist in solving ministry problems.
  8. Facilitate staff meetings and leadership training sessions.
  9. Help develop and oversee ministry budgets and monitor ministry expenditures.
  10. Develop and recommend strategies for ministry growth and program development.
  11. Coordinate all aspects of the church’s internal and external communications and media efforts.
  12. Assist the pastoral staff and Consistory so that foundational beliefs of Scripture are accepted, adhered to and promoted by all individuals in a position of leadership and ministry support.
  13. Assist in orientation of church leaders regarding church ministries and operation.
Executive Minister 5002018-02-20T12:51:53-05:00

Executive Minister at Central Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas 500 in worship

Position Summary

The Executive Minister will work closely with the Senior Minister in strategic development (implementation of the vision) and overseeing staff. He will take primary responsibility for the day-to-day management of the church offi