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There are many categories of policy on XPastor. You can find policies in some of the drop down menus, such as Finance or Ministry Strategy. You can also search for specific content in the search box, such as facilities, building or maintenance.
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Concealed Weapons in Church

July 17th, 2017|Comments Off on Concealed Weapons in Church

As the need for a more formalized approach to security becomes the norm for many churches, some congregations are developing plans and policies to better protect their congregants and staff from active shooters. A matter [...]

Playground Safety

January 25th, 2015|Comments Off on Playground Safety

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission publishes a document called CPSC Public Playground Guidelines. This 57-page tome has tons of practical information. While not all of the information will pertain to your church, there is a wealth of [...]

Video: Protect Your Church from Property Crime

August 16th, 2013|Comments Off on Video: Protect Your Church from Property Crime

Is your church doing what is necessary to protect itself from becoming a victim of property theft? Do you know there are practical steps you can take to help protect your church and to avoid [...]

Video: Crisis Management for Churches

June 28th, 2013|Comments Off on Video: Crisis Management for Churches

Crises can even hit any church or ministry. Are you prepared? David Middlebrook of the Church Law Group lays out some foundational steps to mitigate the potential damage of a difficult situation. David Middlebrook, and [...]

How to Launch a Risk Management Program

June 14th, 2013|Comments Off on How to Launch a Risk Management Program

“What event might occur that could take out our church?” Drop that question at the next staff meeting and you’ll feel the tone of the room take a nose-dive. No one likes to talk about [...]

Church Van Policy

December 27th, 2012|Comments Off on Church Van Policy

XPastor tries to help churches by providing some of the essentials for running a church---items like job descriptions, employment applications, review forms and ministry policies. Below is the 1994 Van Policy of Northwest Bible Church [...]

Suggestions for Writing Church Policies

December 17th, 2012|Comments Off on Suggestions for Writing Church Policies

Every XP deals with church policy. Some of you love them, others tolerate it, while others avoid it like a plague. But every church needs them. When writing policies for your church, keep in mind [...]

Emergency Preparedness for Churches

December 6th, 2012|Comments Off on Emergency Preparedness for Churches

Nobody likes to think a disaster or act of violence could happen to them. Maybe you’ve never even considered that it might happen to your church. Disasters or acts of violence are difficult to foresee [...]

Having a Great Church-School Relationship

December 5th, 2012|Comments Off on Having a Great Church-School Relationship

Nothing raises controversy faster than a discussion of church-school relationships. In many organizations, passionate people from both sides empty the bench and duke it out at the slightest provocation. Why? What is it about Christian [...]