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Compare Your Salaries to Other Churches

This “Big Tamale” salary survey gives you access to hundreds of churches around the country. In an easy to read format, it lists the major positions in a church–Senior Pastor to Administrative Assistant. Compare salaries from similar sized churches in your region.

The Data

For this survey, we ask people to report the average number of people in worship each week. The salaries are base salary plus housing, no benefits included. XPastor has salary data going back to 2005. Data is adjusted for inflation as salaries tend to keep up with inflation over a multi-year period: 2005–3.4%, 2006–3.2%, 2007–2.8%, 2008–3.8%, 2009–(.4%), 2010–1.6%, 2011–3.1%, 2012–2.1%, 2013–1.5%, 2014–1.7%, 2015–1.5%, 2016–1.3%, 2017–2.6%, 2018–anticipated 2.4%

The surveys are sorted into four sections of the United States–midwest, northeast, south and west. On the “west” page for example, there is data from 39 churches of various sizes. Here is the data from one church:

Samples Data
West—1000 in Worship

Annual Budget $1,400,000
Payroll Budget $671,764
Benefits Budget $168,304
Total Employees—14
Lead Pastor $85,344 $88,444
Executive Pastor $72,840 $75,486
Worship Pastor $61,680 $63,920
Community Life Pastor $64,740 $67,091
Student Ministries Pastor $55,000 $56,998
Childrens Ministry Director $45,180 $46,821
Operations Director $42,636 $44,185
Tech Director $34,968 $36,238
Facilities Director $44,808 $46,435
Asst. to the Executive Pastor $31,524 $32,669
Office Manager $32,400 $33,577
Facilities Asst. $21,420 $22,198
Service Producer—pt $18,396 $19,064
Receptionist $20,800 $21,555

Also, Data Just on Senior Leadership

There are two additional sections in the survey. There are 775 Executive Pastor salaries and 200 Senior Pastor salaries. This is in addition to the “all church” data.

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For over 35 years, David has served churches from 1,000 to 8,000 members. As well as being a pastor, David is a spiritual entrepreneur. He founded XPastor as a global ministry tool for leaders of churches of all sizes. XPastor provides a website, an XP-Newsletter, the annual XP-Seminar, workshops, and online courses.