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Wisdom for Interim Pastors

It’s easier for Interim Pastors to juggle live hand grenades, and less dangerous, than to juggle political causes and the local church’s mission. There’s no way to win at that game today. If a hand grenade explodes, there’s […]

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Video: Protect Your Sermons From Abuse

Did you know that your church is in the publishing business? Are you aware of everything that makes up Intellectual Property? Have you developed a thorough plan to protect the intellectual property of your church? Watch as David Middlebrook discusses those things […]

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The People Factor

Working with people is very rewarding but difficult at the same time. Dealing with different personalities, backgrounds and methods can be tiresome. In a business where individuals coming to Christ and being disciples are the […]

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Get a Life

As I quickly evaluated my life, I suddenly realized I knew no one outside my church. I thought about a typical day: gas at a self-service pump, a few groceries bought at the self-checkout lane […]

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A direct and gentle conversation on an urgent topic ... $125