Prior Years

2018 XP-Seminar

Hebrews 8:10 "For this is the covenant that I will establish ... I will put my laws in their minds and I will inscribe them on their hearts." Hebrews 8:10 [...]

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2017 XP-Seminar

The 2017 XP-Seminar was a sold out success ... We limit attendance to 200 people, so that we are a "tribe" not a "town." This enables everyone to talk to our distinguished speakers and [...]

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2016 XP-Seminar

The Next Step in Churches Featuring Mel McGowan From the Magic Kingdom: Lessons Learned from Disney A former Disney Imagineer brings vital insight to church design Mel McGowan is the President and Founder of Visioneering Studios. [...]

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2015 XP-Seminar

Featured Guest, Will Mancini on Church Unique What’s after “strategic planning,” “church growth” and “missional”? Will Mancini Will Mancini wants you and your ministry to experience the benefits of stunning, [...]

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2014 XP-Seminar

February 19-20, 2014 in Dallas, Texas Dr. John Townsend Dr. John Townsend—featured guest John has written or co-written 25 books, selling 5 million copies---including the 2 million best-seller Boundaries, along with Leadership Beyond [...]

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2013 XP-Seminar

February 20-21, 2013       Dallas Texas The Seminar is the time for XPs, SPs and Church Leaders to come together, learn from national leaders and peers, and be life-long learners. Larry Osborne [...]

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2012 XP-Seminar

Cracking Your Church's Culture Code Dr. Sam Chand Keynote Speaker and a Case-Study of Grace Church with SP Jarrod Jones and  a keynote by Nicholas Smith on "A Church with Various Economic Levels" and Dan Reiland on [...]

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2011 XP-Seminar

2011 XP-Seminar The Best Fuel for Church Leadership February 15-17, Dallas The list of Seminar leaders is amazing, making the event worth its money.  These leaders are here to talk to you and with you! Consider just these [...]

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2010 XP-Seminar

Is Your Church Surviving? Learn how to trim your facility budget Keep your staff healthy in tough times Learn how to avoid legal problems Is Your Church Thriving? Grow your staff with wisdom Move [...]

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2009 XP-Seminar

At the 2009 XP-Seminar in Dallas, we will focus the case studies and keynote addresses on the critical value of "Growing a Great Ministry Staff." Our 40 workshops will cover many other areas of [...]

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2008 XP-Seminar

I came back raving about the XP-Seminar! It was the best one ever. Everyone was terrific. What a team! —Bob Featured Guests Dr. Mark Brewer Dr. Mark Brewer—Sabbatical & Sayonara? Mark is the [...]

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2007 XP-Seminar

I came back to RBC just RAVING about the conference! It was the best one ever. Everyone was terrific—what a team! Bob Featured Guests Todd Wagner Todd Wager Todd is the Senior [...]

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2006 XP-Seminar

Growing as Executives Growing as Pastors Thriving in Transition Grow with your peers through tight-knit discussion, in-depth case studies and presentations by great practitioners. About the Seminar Dr. David [...]

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2005 XP-Seminar

Our First XP-Seminar January 12-13, 2005 in Dallas, Texas About the Seminar Dr. David Fletcher From across the U.S. & Canada, people are coming to this two day seminar centered on leading [...]

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