2011 XP-Seminar

The Best Fuel for Church Leadership

February 15-17, Dallas

The list of Seminar leaders is amazing, making the event worth its money.  These leaders are here to talk to you and with you!

Consider just these 8 leaders of our 20 workshops:
Tim Beltz—XP of Mars Hill Church, Seattle
Dr. Warren Bird & Jim Tomberlin
Mike Buster—XP of Prestonwood Baptist
Brad Leeper—VP of Generis
Reggie McNeal—author & thinker
Dan Reiland—XP of 12Stone Church
and many more

A Collision Course: Christ & Our Business Culture. Will your church succumb or triumph?

Sounds like scare tactics! Yet, consider the words that we use:

What We Do

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Profit and loss
  • Income centers
  • Portfolios and net worth
  • Best business practices


  • Daycare
  • Sports centers
  • Church schools
  • Loans and capital funding


  • Executive Pastor
  • Business Manager
  • Stewardship Pastor
  • Treasurer
  • Senior Pastor
Reggie McNeal

Reggie McNeal

Special Guest—Reggie McNeal

Changing the Scorecard: Moving from a Program-Driven Culture to a People-Development Agenda

Reggie is the well-known author of:

  • Revolution in Leadership
  • A Work of Heart: Understanding How God Shapes Spiritual Leaders
  • The Present Future
  • Practicing Greatness
  • Get A Life!
  • Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church

Reggie will be speaking about the focus of the 2011 Seminar, the difference between programs and disciples. This ties in with our theme of “Business or Christ?” Which are we trusting in?

Reggie says,“We are good at doing programs, so good that we tend to measure our church’s effectiveness in program participation. But in the face of increasing evidence that program involvement doesn’t yield disciples, how can we reshape our church agenda so that we are confident that people are actually growing? This discussion identifies key components of a people-development culture and makes suggestions about how we move in a direction that helps our people have lives that are fulfilled, not just filled full.”

Hear from some of the best church leaders from North America. You will hear from well known, big church leaders and also a great collection of medium-sized church leaders—also people who are coming up with innovative solutions but not nationally known (yet!).

Suffering from a “30 pieces of silver” syndrome?

If Jesus came back tomorrow, how much of your church would he recognize? It’s not easy to be in the world but not of it. XPs are at the cutting edge of this crucial conversation.

When you last “fired” someone, was the gospel of the kingdom primary or was covering your rear end by citing legal issues? So you have people sign a termination agreement? Why? Are you really going to take them to court like the agreement says?

As a church leader, are my plans so culturally conditioned that they are biblically worthless? What am I spending my church’s money on? Is there spiritual “return on investment”? Am I looking for eternal dividends or short term applause for my good work? All attendees receive one free use of thePeople Patterns Indicator.

Tracks for XPs, SP-XPs & Wives of Pastors

XP-SP Track—Wednesday

Paul Sartarelli

Paul Sartarelli

The XP-Seminar is bringing back the Sr. Pastor track! Invite your SP to come with you for premier discussion and shared experiences!

Wednesday features renowned Sr. Pastor, Paul Sartarelli, to lead a two hour session. This interactive discussion will explore Preaching with Great Strength & Having a Great XP. As a pastor in Ohio, Paul preaches to 5,000 people each week and also uses a multi-person preaching team. Before coming to The Chapel, he planted a church and grew it to 1,200.

Sr. Pastors of various size churches will appreciate Paul’s practical wisdom and vast experience. Read more.

XP-SP Track—Thursday

Dr. Nathan Baxter

Dr. Nathan Baxter

Dr. Baxter has taken his many years of experience as an XP and SP and developed one of the nation’s premier XP-SP team coaching services. Few have his experience in both realms! Nathan will lead two workshops on Thursday afternoon. The first workshop will be on The Importance of Self Leadership for Executive Pastors. It will provide you with practical steps for leading yourself well.

If you can’t lead yourself well, then it will be difficult for you to lead others well. The second workshop will be one Mentoring Tools for Maximum Performance in Ministry. Nathan will be sharing 4-6 mentoring tools that you will be able to put into practice the moment you return home.

Dr. Baxter shares from his recent learns from this past year after working with 32 teams of SP-XPs.

Wives of Pastors Track—Wednesday

Sue Sartarelli

Sue Sartarelli

The XP-Seminar is bringing back the Wives of Pastors track! This is forwomen only (apologies to the male spouses of XPs). On Wednesday afternoon, noted pastor’s wife and mentor to women, Sue Sartarelli, will have two sessions with pastors wives. Terrific times of discussion and interaction are coming!

The word on the street is that “everyone loves Susie!” She says: “Being the wife of a pastor can be challenging. It is like walking a tightrope before hundreds of people. The balancing act of a public role and private life takes work.” Sue will begin by working through: The Grandstand: an audience of One. After this, there will be a time for discussion of current issues of pastor’s wives. Any wife of a pastor is invited to register. Read more.

Paul Sartarelli

Paul Sartarelli

Keynote by Paul Sartarelli

Leading from the pulpit or how a prophetic voice can be even more effective (and biblical) than a CEO’s voice. Paul is a dynamic speaker and is concerned about the dire strength of the church in America.

Rodney Lara

Rodney Lara

Keynote by Rodney Lara

Life Without Sound Bytes: Living together in a mixed race church.

Rodney is the Senior Pastor of Judson Baptist Church of Oak Park, Illinlois. “Judson is a very unique church body where people of different races and experiences have intentionally come together to worship and serve the body of Jesus Christ in the Oak Park/Austin communities. We are on a journey, a journey on which every person is passionately, wholeheartedly, and recklessly pursuing full devotion to Christ.”

David says about him: Rodney is living it out. He is leading a multi-racial church. In a church of 300, he is showing how to bridge the gap, giving insightful leadership on a daily basis. As a former Captain in the US Army, he knows how to build a team and mentor others.

David Middlebrook

David Middlebrook

Matt Anthony

Matt Anthony

Keynote by Matt Anthony and David Middlebrookon

Mergers & Acquisitions: How to Avoid Collisions and Stay on the Road to Ministry Growth.

David and Matt are nationally noted attorneys who have helped thousands of churches across America (their podcast on “Hosting a Superbowl party” was viewed by over 100,000 people). Your church may not be thinking about doing a second site today, but what if another church wanted to merge with yours next month. Would you be informed and ready?

“You do a conference well—the notebook, content, organization, website, and communication were ALL top notch—I enjoyed the presentations and the people.”

“I look forward to partnering with you for years to come.”

“I look forward to attending with my SP so we can bounce ideas off each other.”

gas_gauge_300About the Seminar—A Unique Format

“I liked the interaction style.  Lecture-only leaves me bored at some conferences”20 minutes of hard-hitting lectur

David Fletcher devised a 20-20-20 format to maximize growth and interaction:

Cognitive Learning

Participatory Learning

  • 20 minutes of small group discussion

Interactive Learning

  • 20 minutes of large group discussion or an Interview

By using auditory, visual and kinestheticapproaches, the attendee forms relationships, learns concepts and takes home practical ministry ideas.

“I liked David’s way of defining terms, probing, acknowledging complexity and interviewing”


Two Afternoons of Workshops

Workshop leaders are executives who speak from their areas of expertise. They talk to you as “one skilled leader to another.”

Several Tracks to Choose

  • XP-101 Track
  • Christ & Business Culture?
  • Staff Wives Track
  • Sr. Pastor Track

“I liked the honest transparency of speakers and willingness to share ‘trade secrets'”

“Thank you for your foresight and tenacity for creating XPastor, including this conference.”

Its unique! No “church” events are like the XP-Seminar. It’s more like a session of the Harvard Business School than a “churchy” event.

Who Should Come?

The XP-Seminar is not just for XPs. Many Senior Pastors and church executives come to improve their ability to creatively and innovatively lead the church. Senior Pastors should read this page. This is the only seminar available to grow your executive staff team. Come as a team!

Hone your work as an XP. Prepare to be an XP. Share your church experience and get quality feedback in the discussion sessions. This seminar is an ideal ministry enhancement and resume builder as it gives advanced study on church leadership.

We cap our size at 200 attendees. That gives personal attention to everyone!

“I learned quite a bit at the conference. I hope to steer our church into some strategic changes over the next 12-18 months”

Our speakers and attendees come from churches of different sizes. One XP is in a church of 700 and another is in a church of 5,000. Half of those attending the XP-Seminar come from churches with less than 1,800 in worship. Yet, we have had churches of 45,000 in worship. You can find your peers here!

This is an excellent time to develop deeper relationships with other XPs, the seminar leaders and the special speakers. Where else can an XP and Senior Pastor come and be challenged about church leadership and management?

Take Aways

Relationships are built aroun