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Dr. David Fletcher
Founder of XPastor &
XP at EvFree Fullerton

XPastor is a global tool for churches of all sizes.  It is designed to help Executive Pastors and others in similar roles to lead and manage the church.

We are renovating the site.  Please be patient with the site for a few days … thanks!

New things at XPastor!

101 Staffing now underway & 201 Ministry Strategy begins August 21

2015 XP-Seminar is set for February 17-19

re>knew is an honest conversation about renewing historic churches, designed for SPs, XPs, key leaders and students, October 14-15

XPastor is a global tool to help the Executive Pastors and other leaders in churches of all sizes. Online Classes are your opportunity to learn and grow as an XP. We are always trying new things such as XP-Press, Compen$ation Data and Giftedness education.


Recent Posts on XPastor

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Senior Pastor Track at the XP-Seminar

2015 Senior Pastor Track
Every few years, the XP-Seminar features a Senior Pastor/Lead Pastor track.  We are bringing that back for 2015.
Talk, Learn and Grow with other SPs
This is an opportunity for SPs to talk […]

Make the Most of Your Meetings

Meetings. And lots of them! You know what I’m talking about.

Meetings are a reality of life and leadership. We’ve all been in meetings that were engaging, stimulating, and productive. And we’ve all been in […]

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re>knew is about restoring historic churches

XPastor is hosting re>knew @ www.re-knew.org.  Join an amazing group of church leaders—Gene Appel, Mike Erre, David Fletcher, Dave Gibbons, Mike Howerton and Larry Osborne.  This event is an honest conversation about the joys […]

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New Online Course, Ministry Strategy 201

On August 21, XPastor will launch a new series of courses on Ministry Strategy.  We have just completed 5 courses, Operations 101 through 105—that’s 55 classes in staffing, communication, finances and facilities.  In those […]

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Negotiation and Shalom with our Sites

Is it possible to seek the Shalom—peace and prosperity—in the people with whom you are negotiating a lease and still achieve the results you need for your church or organization? That is the big […]

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Hiring, Firing and Growing Staff Course

XPastor is rolling out more classes in Operations 101—Staffing. This course covers the basics and advanced features of hiring, firing and growing your church staff.   When you enroll in this course, you will get […]

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Seven Financial Stewardship Principles for Churches

A common, biblically-based theme in the church world is that parishioners should be good stewards of the money God has entrusted to them. Especially emphasized is the principle of Christians paying tithes and giving […]

2014 Multisite Trends

The multisite model continues to be a proven and cost-effective vehicle. The multisite experiment began as a pre-recession band-aid strategy for megachurches that were out of room or restricted by zoning laws. It became […]

Multi-Site—From Start-up to Self-Sufficiency

Starting a new campus is tough. Sustaining an existing campus is even tougher. But nothing compares to trying to keep a campus afloat when it becomes a big drain on the operational budget. It […]

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Watch a Sample Class on Terminations!

Class 7—Terminations

Terminations are challenging! This second session on the issue will focus on knowing when to make a decision to terminate an employee. We will explore financial issues in termination and examine a case […]

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Nine Habits of Highly Successful Mentoring

A few years ago, after I gave my first training program to a group of six people, I remember the words of one woman.  She appreciated my willingness to share whatever I knew. When […]