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Dr. David Fletcher
Founder & XP

XPastor is a global tool to help Executive Pastors and other leaders, in churches of all sizes, lead and manage the church. Online Classes are your opportunity to learn and grow as an XP. We are always trying new things such as XP-Press, Compen$ation Data and Giftedness Education.




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Budget Vision

People get nervous when preachers talk about money. These thoughts aren’t about giving, but about the stewardship of how a church uses what is given.

A church budget is a vision document. It tells the story, […]

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Model for Amending Governing Documents

Most churches amend their governing documents once every decade or so. It is a daunting task. Besides, many members of churches hate change. Most churches delay amending their governing documents until a crisis hits. During […]

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Director of Communications – Fontana, California

The Director of Communications provides leadership to support and fulfill the mission, vision, core values and goals of the church through creative and effective communication strategies. Oversees all communications projects and personnel to create branded […]

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Director of Operations – Riverside, California

Oversee, lead, and drive change within the administrative functions at Sandals Church. Proactively develop world-class operational strategies that will enable the vision and growth plans of Sandals Church to be realized around the world. The […]

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Discipleship Catalyst – Riverside, California

A summary of the position is to drive implementation of key strategies in the areas of discipleship and assimilation at Sandals Church in Riverside, California. Will develop strategy for volunteer programming alongside the pastor of […]

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Resume Website of Kenny Smith

XPastor has some samples of great resumes—either for you that need help in preparing your resume or for newcomers to the hiring process. It’s great to know what a great resume looks like. Below, David Fletcher offers […]

  • Podcaast

Why Podcasts are Critical to Your Church

There’s been a shift in the world. Is your church adapting? The shift is in how people use media and their expectation of what our churches offer. It all started when people could easily record […]

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Executive Director – Richmond, Virginia

The purpose of the position is to advance the mission of HOPE Church by providing senior leadership and oversight in executive, tactical, and organizational areas. This person will provide Executive level leadership for the managerial, […]

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How Do You Communicate with Your Church?

Good communication is key to any relationship. As church leaders, you understand this better than most. It’s no easy task making sure your congregation is getting the information they need to be prepared for upcoming […]

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Going Paperless

Consider if your church or business had 29,151,900 pages of documents. For ease of discussion, let’s round that down to a 29 million. According to some folks in New Zealand who had plenty of time […]