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Now available in the XPastor Online Courses, students are eligible to transfer XPastor course credits into any of Crown College’s online graduate degree programs—including the MBA in Non-Profit Management, MA in Ministry Leadership, MA in Christian Studies, MA in Global Leadership and MA in Organizational Leadership.

We currently have six recorded courses that each contain 10+ classes. Learn from scores of experienced leaders from around the world.

Join us for our next live course, MS 202–Generosity. It’s a 5-session course, begins August 3 and costs $250. Take the course and come to the pre-seminar workshop at the 2016 XP-Seminar at no additional charge (normal Seminar enrollment fee applies).

Through XPastor’s extensive network, scores of guest lecturers are included in the classes. Learn from your peers—learn from the best! Read more …

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Financial Market Review July 2015

People are interested in the stock market, interest rates and where the economy is going. Whether for your own retirement accounts or for those in your church, these are important topics. David S. Spika, CFA & Global […]

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Living in the Hallway is a Nightmare!

Recently I came across an uncommon word in my reading that I had never seen or heard before—“liminal.” After looking it up, I discovered it is a great definition of a common condition we all […]

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Let’s Talk about Compensation and the Church

Talking about staff compensation should not be a taboo subject in the church. Compensation is very important to the long-term success of any staff member. Watch David Lyons, President of MinisterSearch, discuss this vital topic.

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How to “Fire” a Church Volunteer

One question I frequently receive when talking about recruiting and retaining church volunteers is what to do about a volunteer who isn’t working out. In other words, how do you “fire” a volunteer? This is obviously […]

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Evaluating Kids’ Ministry Space

Facilities are an enormous blessing and a simultaneous curse. Having an efficient facility takes careful thinking about traffic flow, space utilization and knowledge of what is cost effective. Brad Simmons has done some great thinking in […]

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Fact: Insurance Costs a Lot and Can Be Very Complicated

I should preface this review of a somewhat painful education with the proclamation that some of the people I enjoy most in the world are insurance agents and brokers. With that said, I think I […]

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Five Lessons I’ve Learned in My First Eighteen Months as XP

As was mentioned in the title, I’ve learned five lessons during my first eighteen months as an Executive Pastor. In order to provide some context, I will briefly state my ministry experience. My background has […]

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Leading from the Second Chair—Depression Inside the Church

I was a young 20-something, eager to get ahead, and interviewing for a promotion to Project Manager. My boss at the time gave me this little bit of wisdom as she described the role, “You’ll […]

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Defining the Executive Pastor Role and Its Need in the Church

I recently sat down with the Lead Pastor of our church, discussing my current role as the Director of Operations. During the discussion, I mentioned that I was hoping to move my position to become […]

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Director of High School Ministry – Boulder, Colorado

Calvary Bible Church is a healthy and dynamic multisite ministry in Boulder and Erie, Colorado. Calvary has been in Boulder for more than 125 years and launched its Erie campus in 2006. Calvary’s youth ministry has […]

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Finance and Operations Director – Madison, Wisconsin

Seeking a Finance and Operations Director. Duties include oversight of finance, HR, IT, facilities, resale store, church coffee house/cafe. CPA with 5 years of experience preferred.

Please email resumes to candy@doorcreekchurch.org

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Defining Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting

The Center For Audit Quality, a non-profit group based out of Washington D.C., has published a great guide on Internal Controls. While the term “Internal Control” can seem imposing to a church, the concepts in […]