Just added two pre-seminar workshops on Tuesday, February 21

How to Be a Better Coach to your Staff and Volunteer Leaders
with Dr. Nathan Baxter–1:00-4:00 pm

Taking Generosity & Giving to the Next Level
with Brad Leeper–2:00-4:30

Dr. Thom Rainer

Dr. Thom Rainer
Electric Leadership

Our featured guest this year is the renowned thinker, writer and church leader, Dr. Thom Rainer. You have undoubtedly read some of his 26 books, several of which are featured on our free book table (did you know that every attendee gets two free books at the Seminar?)

Thom serves as president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, a 5,000 employee organization headquartered in Nashville. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he received his degree in business administration. He received his M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees from Southern Seminary, where he served as Dean for twelve years. Dr. Rainer has served as pastor of four churches. This will be an unforgettable time with Thom.

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Mike Bonem XP, author, coach

Mike Bonem

6 Vital Aspects of the XP-SP Relationship, Even 7

Mike Bonem wrote Leading from the Second Chair, Leading Congregational Change, In Pursuit of Great AND Godly Leadership, and the newly released, Thriving in the Second Chair.  He brings experience from his XP role and now as a consultant to churches across the states.

David Middlebrook

David Middlebrook

6 Legal Considerations For Your Church, Even 7

David Middlebrook and Matt Anthony are with The Church Law Group. Every year they bring imperative topics from the field of law, HR, safety, fiduciary responsibility and more. This will be a growing time and invariably you will take away homework and a full to-do list. There are so many “aha moments” with David and Matt. They are electrifying!

Dr. David Fletcher

Dr. David Fletcher

6 Parts of the Biblical Basis and Role of the XP, Even 7

Is this role grounded in Scripture? We don’t find the title “XP” there but certainly see strong leaders in similar functions. What are the elements of the XP role? David Fletcher has been a pastor for over thirty years, taught pastors at three seminaries and founded XPastor to help you be the best you can be. Catch some of David’s electric energy about the XP role.

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor

6 Keys For the Soul of the XP, Even 7

Phil Taylor is the XP of Mosaic Church and is a frequent part of XPastor.  He has written Defining The Executive Pastor Role and has a series of books on the XP in the hopper. What do you do when you feel dry and your soul is withering? Leading a church can be 24/7 but it needs balance and spiritual refreshment. Phil will bring power to your soul so you can continue strong in ministry.

Darrell Owens

Darrell Owens

6 Ways to Build Up Ministry, Even 7

Darrell Owens is the Lead Pastor at Christ the Rock Community Church. He has worked with an inner city ministry to youth, as an international trainer for Promise Keepers and alongside two pastors leading large congregations. In our Short Ride, Darrell will share his experience and convictions regarding the Pastor Function in the XP role.

19 Workshops by Noted Leaders

Dan Busby—Questions Every XP Should Regularly Ask a Finance Team

Dan Reiland—Essentials to Strengthen the XP and Senior Pastor Partnership

Mike Batts—Effective Church Financial Oversight

Dr. Warren Bird—Learning from the Nation’s Best Internship Programs

Brad Leeper—How to Make Your Church the Primary Giving Destination of More Givers

… and many more

XPastor is a global tool for churches of all sizes. We help those who make leadership decisions in the local church: Executive Pastors, Lead Pastors, staff and governing board members. Enjoy over 600 free articles and thousands of pages of PDFs …

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Executive Director—Frederick, Maryland

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We are a 19-year-old non-denominational church. We built our first building four years ago, then grew from 800 to 1,200 in attendance; we are now considering expansion. Our Executive Director is retiring, causing us to [...]

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Ask any multisite church leader today what the most important component is in multisiting and the overwhelming answer is the campus pastor. When I went to Willow Creek in the year 2000 to pioneer the multisite strategy, [...]

October 2016

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