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We currently have six courses that each contain ten to fourteen lecture discussions from scores of experienced leaders from around the world. Get started with any recorded course or join us for the next live course on June 1.

Our next course is Operations 102—Communications. We will have four live classes beginning June 1. With this course, you will also receive ten recorded classes for a total of fourteen lecture discussions.  Enroll here.

Special Rates in Honor of the National XP Holiday

New Ops 102 Students

$500 250
  • Join us for classes to expand your knowledge and ability!

Returning Ops 102 Students

$100 75
  • Students who previously took Ops 102—Communications
Marc McMurrin

Marc McMurrin

The subject of this course is an area that is often overlooked—Communications. Many people think that “it just happens.” Others think that “if it is going fine, why study it?” How do you know that your communication strategy and practices are “state-of-the-art?” In four new live lectures and ten recorded webinars, we will explore the gamut of church communications. This course will help you comprehensively understand communications strategy and practices—and immediately apply them to your church.  Though we live in a communications age, most pastors need huge improvement in communications!

New Lecture Discussions in the Summer of 2015

Class 11, The Church Beyond the Multisite Model

Jeremy Hoff

Jeremy Hoff

With Marc McMurrin of Northland—a Church Distributed in Orlando, Florida.  Monday, June 1 at 2:00 pm, Pacific time. What do you do when you realize that seven worship services will not meet the congregation’s needs?

Class 12, Celebrating Diversity in the City of Angels

With Jeremy Hoff of Shepherd Church in Los Angeles, California. Monday, June 15 at 2:00 pm, Pacific time. Los Angeles has 10.1 million people and is one of the most diverse cities in the nation. 48% are Hispanic, 29% Anglo, 10% African American, 11% Asian and 2% “other.”  This church is thriving with a vital mix of ethnic groups.

Class 13, The New America—Churches in Urbanized Areas

Dave Michener

Dave Michener

With Dave Michener of Bridgeway Community Church, between Baltimore and Washington D.C.  Monday, June 22 at 2:00 pm, Pacific time. The “BosWash” area is a sprawl of connected cities between Boston and Washington D.C. Who is coming to this urbanized church, how are they connected into one congregation and what lessons has Bridgeway learned along the way?

Class 14, Crossing Language and Cultural Barriers

With Bernard Lee of Damansara Utama Methodist Church in Malaysia. Monday, July 27 (Note date is in July) at 2:00 pm, Pacific time. How many different ethnic and cultural groups can a church have and still be one united body in Christ? This is a church of worshippers with a multitude of linguistic and cultural challenges. Their major ethnic groups consist of Malaysian Chinese and Indians, immigrants from Myanmar and Nepal, as well as many from a local background such as those from East Malaysia. Languages spoken are English, Chinese (Mandarin as well as other dialects), Malay, Tamil, Myanmarese, and a number of other languages and dialects. This class will give you an insider’s view of their successes and struggles, and their pain and celebrations in this cultural challenge.

Bernard Lee

Bernard Lee

Classes 1-10 are available by recorded lecture
Get started today. Classes include:

  1. Understanding the Culture of Your Church, with noted author Sam Chand
  2. Parsing the Preaching Pastor, with Senior Pastor Mike Erre of EvFree Fullerton
  3. The Web, with John Travis and Andrew Hummell of Reality LA
  4. Hardware and IT, with Chris Gunnare of the Lutheran Church of Hope
  5. Productivity Tools, with Steve Caton and Dave Bair of Church Community Builder
  6. Multisite Issues, with Rick Clapp of Mountain Springs Church and George Clark of Clark Inc.
  7. Media Engagement, with Matt Branaugh of Christianity Today
  8. Policies and Practices, with Kason Branch of Concord Church
  9. Multisite, Part 2, with Rick Clapp of Mountain Springs Church
  10. The Communications Team, with Emmy award winner Rob Cizek of Northshore Christian Church

Learn more about Ops 102.  Enroll here.

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