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Now available in the XPastor Online Courses, students are eligible to transfer XPastor course credits into any of Crown College’s online graduate degree programs—including the MBA in Non-Profit Management, MA in Ministry Leadership, MA in Christian Studies, MA in Global Leadership and MA in Organizational Leadership.

We currently have seven recorded courses that each contain 5, 10 and 14+ classes. Learn from scores of experienced leaders from around the world.

Join us for our next live course, MS 203–Mentoring. It’s a 5-session course, begins September 24 and costs $250.

Through XPastor’s extensive network, scores of guest lecturers are included in the classes. Learn from your peers—learn from the best! Read more …

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Exit Interviews: Revealing Stories of Why People are Leaving the Church

Why are people leaving your church? Every church has a back door. But do you know why they are leaving? Have you ever done exit interviews? A number of years ago, Bill Hendricks wrote a […]

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Book Excerpt: Defining the Executive Pastor Role

Throughout my years in the Executive Pastor role, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know many of my peers in ministry. At the risk of oversimplification, I have noticed that most XPs (shorthand for […]

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Book Review: Necessary Endings

Necessary Endings is a “necessary” read for every church leader, regardless of denominational stripe. While the author and internationally renowned Dr. Henry Cloud intended this volume to promote personal and professional growth, it could have […]

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Leadership Challenges of Leaders in Industry and the Church

Throughout my many years of ministry, I have had the opportunity to coach executives of Fortune 500 companies and church leaders. My vantage point is fascinating; I enjoy the challenge of identifying best practices that […]

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Budget Process Analysis

For a homework assignment in the XPastor Online Course, Operations 103—Finance, I chose to compare the budget process of First Assembly in Winston-Salem, Lakeside Church in Greensboro, Georgia, Berean Bible Church in Greene, New York […]

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Strategic Alignment Unleashes the Church

While circulating in our church atrium, greeting people as they strolled in for Sunday worship, a woman came up to me and timidly asked, “Do you remember me?” I had to apologize for not recognizing […]

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Community Groups and Discipleship – Snoqualmie, Washington

Church on the Ridge is looking for an outstanding individual to provide dynamic, visionary leadership to empower and equip the small groups and discipleship ministry. Align all adult group ministries in a common direction, consistent […]

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Leaving a Ministry You Love

I recently took a new ministry position. As I made the decision to change ministries, I went back and forth since I would be leaving a place and people that I love! Note: If you […]

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Multisite or Church Planting?

Remember way back when there were no multisite churches? Back when church planting (and releasing) was the ultimate form of sacrificial expansion for the sake of the Kingdom? Back when dinosaurs were around and roaming […]

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Book Review: The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan

The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan: How to Take Charge, Build Your Team, and Get Immediate Results, written by George Bradt, Jayme Check and Jorge Pedraza, is a book about helping executives succeed in transition. […]

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Financial Market Review July 2015

People are interested in the stock market, interest rates and where the economy is going. Whether for your own retirement accounts or for those in your church, these are important topics. David S. Spika, CFA & Global […]

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Living in the Hallway is a Nightmare!

Recently I came across an uncommon word in my reading that I had never seen or heard before—“liminal.” After looking it up, I discovered it is a great definition of a common condition we all […]