In my career, I have hired dozens and dozens of pastors, ministry directors and church workers. There are huge differences between hiring people in each one of these categories. To name just a few, there are tax, EEOC and discrimination issues. There are also some commonly overlooked things in hiring.

Like what?

In hiring a pastor, almost everyone overlooks doing one hidden step. Let’s call this hidden step in hiring an “X” for now. You see, “X” costs money and it takes a lot of time. You have to get out of your office and get to know the candidate’s “X.” Getting to know “X” can be risky because the candidate might learn something about you, too. “X” is not exactly scientific and there is some artistry in this part of the interview process.

Yet, when involving “X,” I almost always see the right person get hired!

So, what is an “X”? Interview the spouse of the applicant. This is vital for a ministerial position, and also for many director-level positions. Your staff member will go home every night and talk to … their spouse. Make sure that the spouse knows and understands what it means to be on the “inner circle” of church life.