Sex abuse claims remain the top reason churches go to court each year. Fletch interviews Matthew Branaugh, editor for Christianity Today’s, about this troubling ongoing trend in the church. What policies and protocols does your church need? What are the reporting laws for child abuse? Why do all sorts of institutions, including the church, cover up sexual abuse? Learn needed facts and how to be more transparent when a major issue is discovered at your church.

Matthew Branaugh is the Editor of the Church Law & Tax at Christianity Today. Matt leads an award-winning team of editors and designers with the planning, creation, and publishing of,, five eNewsletters, and numerous print and digital resources. One of his favorite parts of his job is when he visits with church leaders from across the country. Matthew is currently pursuing a law degree from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and is on schedule to graduate next May. He co-leads the Christian Legal Society chapter at Denver Law and recently had his article, “Mandatory Child-Abuse Reporting Laws and the #MeToo Movement: Federal and Colorado Examples and Six Paths Forward,” published by Denver Law Review Online Journal.

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