Four Questions for the Fall

Four Questions for the Fall

Your ministry plans for the fall are either in full “implementation mode” or you are up to your upper thighs in alligators! As I write, our church is in the midst of two weeks of prayer. Our lead pastor, Paul, called the entire congregation to pray every day this week at 12:45 pm. He also called for fasting from food, or the ultimate fast, from “all computer/phone/TV screens for twelve or twenty-four hours.” Our ChapelU program for intensive training is going to begin again soon. We are planning for a church-wide emphasis on our concern for “human trafficking” in October.

This is undoubtedly similar to your church—kids getting promoted a grade, new classes of some type, a new sermon series, a new emphasis.

The role of the XP is all about getting many other people ready, prepared and launched for great ministry. Here are some ideas to track your ministry progress in the fall:

  • Are people giving regular reports and feedback on the new and existing initiatives?
  • Are you thanking key volunteers and staff in their ministry areas?
  • Are you asking if the initiatives are aligning with your ministry vision and DNA?
  • Do you have a time set to review the fall programs and initiatives?

Now that you have gotten your church going for fall, remember to get yourself ready for the next level of ministry.

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