Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hey Fletch … I just resigned as Senior Pastor. Unfortunately the situation here has become unworkable. The most caring choice I can make is to move on to give a chance for a new senior pastor to bring a fresh start. Can you read my resignation letter and listen to the video? You have been a big help to me over the last six months and I deeply appreciate your advice. Can you give me some thoughts on my final days in this ministry?

DRF—Friend, I have read your resignation letter and listened to the announcement to the congregation. God gave you a great run of 15 years at the church. Congratulations on serving well. Your godly spirit is evident in hoping for a new senior pastor “to bring a fresh start.” I hurt with you for the pain and also the challenge in moving on. This is now a season to trust God for your next assignment.

Issues in the last month must have come to a boiling point for you to make this decision. You have worked hard to deal with those who disagree with you, but there is a time to move on. You are taking a big step and doing so graciously. You had a good presentation and treated people well. Good work in that!

Walk well in the transition. It can be challenging between now and when you leave. Love the people for who they are. Try to resolve any outstanding conflict. Remember Paul’s words, “In as much as it is possible, be at peace with all men.” Some people may need time before they are ready to work through their issues. Don’t burn any bridges. Keep your pain confined to a few trusted confidants, as I’m sure that you will. Don’t keep that pain bottled up to yourself, but talk to a small circle of people whom you trust.

God’s best in your next steps. Keep me informed!