Videos & Photos

You can get a taste of the XP-Seminar large group time in this 60 second clip of Larry Osborne at the 2013 XP-Seminar.

Personalized Discussion

Our breakout sessions […]

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Senior Pastors

Why should a Senior Pastor come?

“My senior pastor should have been here with me. You may want to encourage seniors coming with their executives. This seminar was helpful. Time well spent!”

Interact with other Senior Pastors

Senior […]

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Who is invited to this event?

This is primarily designed for Executive Pastors and others who lead and manage the local church. Board members and other church leaders also learn with the XPs. Senior Pastors also come, as well as those preparing […]

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How many come?

The group is limited to 200 people. This allows anyone in the room to speak with one of the Keynote Presenters. It also allows for discussion around tables.

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What’s the benefit?

There is that often quoted saying, “Those who do not learn the lessons of history, they are prone to repeat its mistakes.” This event is for people who want to grow and learn. They want […]

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