Why should a Senior Pastor come?

“My senior pastor should have been here with me. You may want to encourage seniors coming with their executives. This seminar was helpful. Time well spent!”

Interact with other Senior Pastors

Senior Pastors are visionary leaders, preaching to change lives. Here is an opportunity for you to sit around a table with others like you to talk about ministry.

  • How do others handle the non-stop tension of ministry?
  • How do you stay fresh with God?
  • What is success in preaching? How do I measure it?
  • How do others handle the joy and pain of staff and volunteers?

Be with other Senior Pastors who have been in the role for 10, 20 and 30 years.

Come with your XP

The ideal path is to come with your XP. Both of you will learn from the sessions and workshops. Then, in the evenings, compare and contrast what you’ve learned. This is a great time to enhance your SP/XP relationship.

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