Photos from 2019

The keynote sessions are a content-rich time to learn. Take home deliverables for your church.

It’s never a dull moment at the Seminar. The days are full of vital information for your church.

By sitting around tables, discussion is easy. Get to know other church leaders.

Whether in the 25 plus workshops, through individual discussions or in the keynotes, bring a pad of paper, tablet or computer to take notes.

In 2019, after Carey Nieuwhof spoke on Spiritual Leadership, he takes a picture of William Vanderbloemen …

… while William was delivering his keynote address on Hiring: Behind the Scenes Lessons in Interviewing.

Video of Larry Osborne

You can get a taste of the XP-Seminar large group time in this 60 second clip of Larry Osborne at the 2013 XP-Seminar.


Personalized Discussion

Our breakout sessions are workshops of 10-30 people around pertinent topics to leading and managing the church.

National Leaders

On each day, we will have workshops led by some of the best church leaders from North America—people who are coming up with innovative solutions in ministry.

Learn from your peers

Whether in the workshops or around the tables in the main room, they are your peers. They are church leaders who speak from their areas of expertise. They talk to you as “one skilled leader to another.”