Fletch Can Help Your Church

  • Stabilize your church in times of transition or crisis.

    • Bring best practices on finances, human resources, buildings and staff.

  • Develop dynamic vision and an annual strategy to accomplish that vision.

    • Mentor new Executive Pastors.

  • Bring systems to prevent child abuse, active shooters and embezzlement.

    • Recommend fair and locally sourced compensation.

  • Work with boards and pastors on leadership and governance.

Individual Consulting

Level 2 Individual Consulting focuses on the church leader through an entire annual ministry cycle. It is personalized consulting and Fletch works with just a few leaders in this in-depth process. The majority of his time is spent in national tours, writing his next book, the annual XP-Seminar and strategic work with churches. This is a one-year term to work through a complete ministry cycle of your church. As needed, it can begin with an intensive period, two to four months of weekly dialogue. The annual cycle of ministry is done with video conferences every other week, plus frequent email exchanges that discuss church issues.

Church Consluting

Level 2 Church Consulting focuses on strategic issues in your church. The types of issues may be:

  • Strategic Issues—Find solutions to the strategic issues that are facing your church.
  • Church Crisis—Fletch can walk you through the crisis.
  • Leadership Issues—Get help on leadership and governance.

Fletch begins by listening. This takes a well-trained ear and sufficient time to learn about your church. A customized plan is then developed, one which is specifically tailored to your church.

Compensation Consulting

Learn fair pay for your local area. Obtain a time-tested way to share salary ranges with your congregation. Get reliable data for making the most important financial decision in your church … staff salaries!

  • 1 Pastor compensation package
  • 2-3 Pastor compensation package
  • Church Compensation study

Various packages give you just the information that you need.

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How can we be of help?

On person wrote  …

The timing of beginning a new coaching relationship with David Fletcher was timely. I admit I hit a leadership wall that I was having difficulty pushing through. In the last three years as executive pastor I have brought under control some staff issues, leadership gaps and system changes. Over the last 9 months there seems to have been some staff issues that have surfaced and I have had difficulty moving the pastors and staff towards a more defined and refined vision.

The coaching I have received has been beneficial:

  1. Having a person from outside the church and with experience as an executive pastor has been invaluable to build my confidence that there are solutions to the problems I face and that I am capable lead through them.
  2. A regular coaching appointment brings a built in accountability to follow through with assignments. An example of this is to intentionally go through the process with the Team Leaders to develop goals for the staff and church.
  3. Having a coach to discuss how best to handle the under performers and inter-personal issues between a few staff members has been helpful. It affirms that my approach has been good but modifications can make it better.
  4. Through the coaching process I have developed a new way of leading meetings that works for me using a different agenda. I have also actively involved others in leading parts of the meeting. This has been received positively by the other pastors.
  5. Coaching with someone who has vast experience in leadership gives me access to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Although I read about leadership and other topics to help me improve, I now have more than double the opport