Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hey Fletch— I so love the resources that you are providing on XPastor. I recently transitioned into the Operations Pastor role, which for us is similar to an XP in most churches. First, I’m observing that ministry leaders have a hard time seeing the holistic ministry picture, and how their ministry is a small puzzle piece in the larger organizational puzzle. Second, ministry leaders make a habit of doing almost everything at the last minute, as in moments prior to the start time of a service. HELP! How do I address these problems?

DRF—Those are some great questions in your new role! For your first question, a huge piece of your role is “setting the stage.” You must show leaders how their ministry fits in. Their eyes may glaze over at the complexity of the entire church. Take time to share the big picture, strategy and vision. Show how their ministry fits into the vision of the church. Explain in stories how what they are doing matters as vital piece of the whole organization.

For the second question, solve this one and you will win a Nobel Prize! Many go into ministry with strong people and relational skills. Unfortunately, this means they need to go to “the school of hard knocks” on planning, strategy and organization. Preach it hard. Give them workable schedules. Set deadlines and show them how to make those deadlines. Unfortunately, prepare to be regularly disappointed for the first year but things slowly will change.

Response—Thank you SO much! This was incredible!