Monday, October, 29, 2018

Hey Fletch … We need to cancel our job posting on XPastor. We placed a job on XPastor for a three month period. Exactly three months to the date, we have filled the position—from a candidate that came through your site. I was assuming that the post would come down at the 3-month mark, but I still see it up on your site. Thank you for that grace period. 

DRF—That is a “cancellation notice” that I like to receive. I’m thrilled that your church found someone through XPastor. Congratulations on filling the position. 

We do leave positions up a little longer in a grace period. Our goal is to help you fill the role, so we do what extra we can to help.

Do remember that filling the position is the start of a long road, not the end. See if your new staff member needs coaching or continuing education. XPastor has The Collective to help new XPs grow in a small community of other XPs. The XP-Seminar is a fantastic place to learn of issues and connect with other XPs.

XPastor is designed to help your church leadership maximize their gifts, stay on the right side of the law and regulations, and lead well.