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Strategic Growth for XPs

The Collective is a 12 month commitment and the next one begins in January, 2019. It includes all required books and a myriad of leadership development tools.

If you desire to grow in your leadership influence and impact in 2019, join The Collective by XPastor!

Space is limited so click the link below to join The Collective.

Level 1—Led by Jon Wright with David Fletcher

  • Twice a month interactive discussions with application.
  • Six books provided on spiritual and organizational leadership.
  • 12 book summaries per year.
  • Weekly articles and insights via text or email.
  • Designed for 8-12 people per collective.
  • $199 per month.

Level 2—Extended consulting with David Fletcher or Jon Wright

  • Consultation two or three times a month.
  • One-on-one discussion about your church issues, strategy and tactics.
  • Discounts to XPastor events.
  • On-call availability for hot topics and crises.
  • Contact XPastor for customized fee.

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The Collective

Executive Summary

The XPastor Collective a 12-month coaching experience providing you with a highly effective and engaging opportunity for leadership growth and impact. In most of our churches we’ve moved to small groups. We know life change happens best in community. However, in our own leadership development, we attend conferences alone, we read books alone and we lead … alone.

Level 1 of The Collective is a community-based leadership development cohort:

  • Gathering as small groups of XPs from around the country
  • Facing the same challenges, reading the same books
  • Engaging in areas of strategy, staff culture, generosity, next generation leadership and more
  • Meeting virtually twice a month to discus how best to implement new vision in own environments
  • Learning from each others failures and success

In Level 2, Collective members receive one-on-one consulting each month:

  • Go deeper into your specific areas
  • Explore your unique challenges
  • Grow in your personal ministry development

Individual Coaching with Relational Connections

While each church and leadership team is unique, we all strive to grow in our ability to lead and serve. Experience teaches us that life change happens best through relationship and accountability. Get the effective coaching in peer-based discussion and application. This speaks directly into your leadership style, culture and challenges while expanding your community of support, input and encouragement outside of your ministry team. The XPastor Collective includes:

Level 1—Led by Jon Wright with David Fletcher

  • Twice a month interactive discussions with application
  • Six books provided on spiritual and organizational leadership
  • 12 book summaries per year
  • Weekly articles, insights and random thoughts via text or email
  • Designed for 8-12 people per collective
  • $299 per month 

Level 2—Extended consulting with David Fletcher or Jon Wright

  • Consultation two or three times a month
  • One-on-one discussion about your church issues, strategy and tactics
  • Discounts to XPastor events
  • On-call availability for hot topics and crises
  • Contact XPastor for customized fee

Jon Wright

Jon has worked as an entrepreneur, founding and leading a Product Development company for 15 years and served for 7 years as Executive Pastor of Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. He and his wife, Julie, also led a Missionary Training Center in Germany for several years. He has 30 years experience in innovation, execution and entrepreneurial creativity in multiple settings; corporate, non-profit, church and global missions. Jon’s areas of specialty include:

  • Next Generation Leadership Development 
  • Staff and Leadership Transitions 
  • Strategic Coaching for Growth and Effectiveness 
  • Team Building, Culture, Dynamics and Generosity

Jon and his wife, Julie, have been married since 1990. They have three daughters (all through adoption), one son-in-law and three grandsons.  They live near Denver, Colorado and serve on the Executive Leadership team of Victory Church in Westminster, CO. Jon enjoys outdoor activities, leadership books and is a BMW autocross driver and coach with BMWCCA.

David Fletcher

David served as a pastor for 35 years in churches from 1,000 t0 8,000, single and multi-site–churches with cafes, apartment complexes and church camps. He founded XPastor in 2003, teaches XPastor principles at Dallas Seminary’s D.Min. program and launched a D.Min. program in India. David’s areas of specialty include:

  • Church strategy
  • Board issues and managing upward
  • Helping people move above tactics to strategy
  • Compensation and HR

David and Tami are the Directors of XPastor and love working together. They have been married 38 years, with two married children and two grandkids.  They live in Austin, Texas. David loves to scuba dive and Tami loves her garden.

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The Leading Resource

For fifteen years, XPastor has been the leading resource for Executive Pastors to access best practices in church operations, compensation, compliance, strategy and leadership.

We consistently deliver insights and information designed to help you lead your church and ministry team with excellence in an ever-changing, complex environment.

We are excited to share with you a new opportunity for your personal growth and leadership development.