XPastor tries to help churches by providing some of the essentials for running a church—items like job descriptions, employment applications, review forms and Opportunity Profiles. Below is a review form for the Senior Leadership from Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Personal and Spiritual

  1. How are you unique? What makes you different from others on staff?
  2. How do you remain inspired? What is the cadence of your life?
  3. What aspect of your character is Jesus changing and growing right now?
  4. Who really knows you? Rate your comfort level in deeply sharing your heart. Do you do this well?
  5. Where and how has your marriage grown this past year? What is one area where you have seen improvement? Does your spouse agree?
  6. What is one area in your marriage that you will commit to working on this upcoming year? Does your spouse know of this commitment? How will you measure this improvement and be accountable?
  7. Where and how have you grown as a parent this past year? How well have you handled the hard seasons that came your way?
  8. What are three of your spiritual goals for 2012? How will you measure these goals? Who will you share these goals with?
  9. What life vision has God entrusted to you? Are you on track? What changes do you need to make to get back on target?

Role and Responsibility

  1. To what extent is your identity wrapped up in your position? Is this healthy?
  2. What do you enjoy most about your role on staff? How often does your role afford the opportunity to engage in this?
  3. What do you find frustrating or painful in your role on staff? How often does your role require you to do this?
  4. Do people in your team know with clarity what you expect of them? When and how often do you tell them?
  5. How do you lead your staff when your expectations are not met in their performance? Pick three examples from this year and explain.
  6. Name three people that could replace you in your position and why? How are you investing in them?
  7. How do you demonstrate your affection for, and belief in, each team member? Does your demonstration connect with their needs? What feedback have you received?
  8. What dysfunctions are you addressing on your team? How well is that going? What major road-bumps did you experience this year as a team?
  9. Do your team members feel empowered to exercise their greatest gifts and talents on your team? Do they feel respected? How do you develop and manage this?


View the remaining review forms in the original PDF: Leadership Review Forms