Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hey Fletch … Do you have toolbox of what are the most essential Human Resources policies to have?

DRF—That’s a big question. Unfortunately, there are many policies that a church should have. Society has become more and more complex, with rules promulgating like rabbits. 

A good list of HR policies will include discussion of:

  • Employment Status
    • Equal opportunity employment, including how the church hires people of like faith
    • New hire process
    • The Fair Labor Standards Act and exemptions
    • Ministerial exemption
    • Hiring
    • Immigration law
  • Work and workplace
    • Standards of conduct
    • Intellectual property and work for hire
    • Conflict of interest
    • Safety and health
    • Record keeping of hours for non-exempt workers
    • Access to records and medical information
    • Performance evaluations
  • Employee benefits and conduct
    • Vacation
    • Sexual misconduct
    • Disciplinary procedures
    • Grievance procedures

Check out examples of staff policies on this page.