There is the familiar story of the church that built a new building, only to discover on opening day that needed aspects were missing. Does a church ever have enough closets? Is the lobby well thought through for people traffic and safety issues? Those are the easy to see issues, but what about those that are less apparent? Attendees will also receive an app that they can use to begin the process.

Dave Milam is the Vice President of Strategy at Visioneering Studios. Dave is a visioneer, strategist and visual storyteller whose right brained style of delivery helps his listener connect in a uniquely immersive way. As a member of the Visioneering Studios team, Dave equips leaders by leveraging art and science to launch inspired vision into reality. Dave is the founding Pastor of One Life Church in Concord, North Carolina and in 2016 released a book entitled “Ten Count: True Stories of Defeat and Triumph Among Today’s Christian Leaders.”

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