XPastor tries to help churches by providing some of the essentials for running a church—items like job descriptions, employment applications, employee handbooks, review forms and policies. Below is the 2001 Family on Staff Policy from BCF Church.

BFC has a long history of allowing family members to work together on staff. There have not been major problems with this practice.

The Board of Elders has carefully and prayerfully reviewed the issues related to hiring relatives of Staff and Board members. We have reviewed secular business practice, other church practices and sought Biblical insights and direction in this matter. We have looked at both the positives and the problems associated with this practice.

We recognize the potential for perceptions of unfair favoritism and tensions associated with this practice. We also recognize how God has worked and continues to work in positive ways through various family members of the staff. Therefore, in order to hire the best people for the ministry positions, we will continue to evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis.

In order to minimize possible tensions and conflicts of interest, the Board has adopted the following procedures:

  1. In no case will a relative be allowed to participate in the discussion of or the setting of a family member’s pay or be present during that discussion.
  2. Family members will not be allowed to participate in discussions related to the hiring of another family member or be present during that discussion.
  3. In no case will a relative be allowed to singularly review a family member’s performance. In cases where a review is required, other staff and/or Elders will be included in the review process to ensure objectivity and fairness.
  4. Family members are not allowed to go to another family member’s supervisor or the Board if they think that unfair treatment is occurring. The injured family member must represent himself/herself and take an advocate other than a staff family member.
  5. The Executive Pastor and/or Senior Pastor reserves the right to disqualify any spouse/family member for consideration of employment if, in his opinion, there is any potential for conflict or tension which may not be covered by the guidelines listed above. Final resolution will be determined by the Board as needed.
  6. Before any hiring decisions are made involving family members, the Board must be made aware of the relationships involved, and must grant their approval before an offer of employment is made.
  7. Family members of Staff who have been “called” into full time pastoral/ministry positions will be given special consideration. Generally they should not, however, serve in the same area of ministry or report to a spouse or other family member.

We believe that this policy, combined with these procedures, with allow the church maximum freedom to hire the most qualified employees while protecting the church from most problems of nepotism and conflicts of interest. And if problems arise, they will be handled case-by-case.