Creating a Ministry Description

Creating a Ministry Description

January 27, 2018

Hey Doc … My Presiding Bishop is looking to create a role for someone to visit churches inside and outside our organization. This person would stand in for the Bishop when he is unable to be at events and conferences. Do you have any suggestions for a role description and title?

DRF—Sounds like a wonderful role for the right person. XPastor does not have a job description on file for such a role … my thoughts for creating it would be:

    1. Create a role description that has the scope of what you expect and empower the person to do.
    2. Have percentages of time for each of the major sections.
    3. Limit the role description to one page. Focus on strategic areas and don’t get bogged down in tactical details.
    4. Get lots of buy-in on the role from the Bishop and others on the team, so that everyone is on board with the scope and major aspects.

As for the name, I’d suggest a title that shows the representative nature of the role. Perhaps, Executive Liaison or Staff Officer for the Bishop. Let me know how you craft the role and the title you choose.

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