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Four Levels of Givers

Friday, December 14, 2018

Hey Fletch … I was at the Smart Money for Church Salaries workshop in Dallas. It was awesome. I’m creating an executive summary of my notes for our directional team at our church and I came across a note I took over our lunch discussion on generosity. It says, “We should target each of the four giving groups at our church on a monthly basis.” I didn’t capture what these four […]

What about Online Giving Options?

Monday, August 27, 2018

Hey Fletch … We are looking at beginning to allow online giving. We are looking at three different providers:, and We are evaluating each platform and like what we see. Any red flags that you’ve heard about on these three?

DRF—There are plenty of providers for processing online donations. You have picked three substantial ones. Of those three, Pushpay got started first. I know many people who […]

What Should I Look for in Online Giving?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Hey Fletch … Our church is considering starting online giving. What are the kinds of things that we should be looking for?

DRF—From a user’s perspective, the number one thing for me in an online giving platform is ease of use. If I’m a new online donor, I want a system that works easily for me. Along with that is security. I want to know that the donation processing is secure and that […]

Can You Come and Teach?

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Hey Fletch … Well done for the ministry. May we be connected with your programs in Uganda? I will be glad if my request is put under your consideration.  Thank you dear sir. We wish to have you here in Uganda for seminars and crusades to uplift the faith of our Christian churches. I thank you for that.

DRF—Thank you for your heartfelt note. It was so good of you to write. As […]

Compensation Survey

Friday, July 27, 2018

Hey Fletch … How do I receive the Compensation Survey?  Mail or email?

DRF—The XPastor Compensation Survey is online. You can enroll and get all the data online. If you submit your data, receive $15 off the price. This is not a requirement, just an offer!

While it is smaller than other national surveys, it is the least expensive! 

XPastor’s “Big Tamale” salary survey gives you access to hundreds of churches around the […]

Limited Funds

Monday, July 2, 2018

Hey David … You told me that doing this church plant was going to be a challenge. And you were so right. Our funds are so limited. I can barely afford any staff help and we have to measure everything against how much it costs. Help?

DRF—Your comments could be right out of a textbook on church planting.Very few new churches have much money. However, this gives your church a sense of great […]

Giving Away 50% of Church Income

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hey Fletch … In all of the church connections you have, do you know of other churches that are attempting to give away large percentages (50%+) of what they receive annually? If you do, would it be possible for you to connect me with them?  I’d love to talk with my counterparts in those churches.

DRF—I wish that I had a list a mile long of churches that gave away 50% to local ministries. […]

Sharing Stories of Ministry

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hey Fletch … I like your suggestion about getting people’s stories. How do you do that in a church?

DRF—One of the best way to measure the effectiveness of your vision statement is to hear stories of ministry. Are people really doing ministry in alignment with your vision statement? Or is everyone doing their own deal?

Stories take a great deal of work to collect. It requires a culture of storytelling. Culture can be […]

Boss Stole My Idea

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hey Fletch … my boss stole my idea and said it was his. What gives?

DRF—That’s a hard one to hear. I’m so sorry that you had this experience. Can you go back to your boss and get some clarification? Can you explain to him that the idea was yours? Can you share your disappointment and angst?

Some ideas are born out of collaborative efforts. When things are products of a work group, they […]

Thanks for XPastor

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hey Fletch … Seriously—this is an invaluable resource. Love that you are doing so much writing. I like the “Hey Fletch” column. Thanks for featuring the 14 years of XP-Seminar in the e-newsletter.

DRF—Yes, in this new season of focusing solely on the XPastor community, it has been a joy to help so many people and churches. Christianity Today has picked up the “Hey Fletch” column in one of their […]

Is a Donation ‘Thank You’ Too Pushy?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hey Fletch … Do you encourage churches to acknowledge first time givers through a thank you letter?  I am considering starting this because I see this as a significant opportunity but do not want to come off pushy.

DRF—Great to hear from you. I have such warm memories of my time out there at your church. I was advising them of how to hire someone like you! I love seeing that you […]

General Fund Robbed by Disaster Donations

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hey Fletch … I have been a fan of your work and website for several years. I have a question and would love your insight. As a board member, let me say that our church has a history of taking special offerings whenever there is a disaster. Our congregation loves to give to emergency causes (wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, famine) and tends to give generously. However, our general fund often drops significantly during […]

Few Cheerleaders for Ministry

Monday, April 16, 2018

Hey Fletch … Thanks for the encouragement. As you might expect, working with the church does not come with a cheerleading squad. The more we work with churches in the ditch, the more frustrating it seems while some bash us because we are trying to help. Thanks for what you guys do … and ‘getting it’.

DRF—Like the guy who thought that all pastors should be self-supporting … and ridiculed our work on […]

Online Donations Confusing for a Church School

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hey Fletch … Our school is owned by our church. They are the umbrella. All online donations are being completed through the church. For example, if I want to donate to our school, I press the ‘donate now’ button on our website but get redirected to the church website in order to donate. How can I get around this? Folks who wish to donate to our school get confused when they get […]

One Size Fits All Retirement Plan

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hey Fletch … My question is regarding retirement and employer contributions. We’ve had a one size fits all approach but now our staff has grown in numbers and levels of responsibility and we need to revisit it asap. I’m wanting to know how others categorize which staff gets what for retirement.

DRF—That question may be out of my pay grade (pun intended). Let me copy Dixie Beard at GuideStone on this as she […]

New Donor Email is a Mess

February 4, 2018

Hey Doc … Our new giver email is a mess. I clicked on a link and got a 404—page not found. The fonts are all strange for people who get it. Help!

DRF—An email to a new donor needs to be pristine. This is how newcomers see your! I’d suggest that you get a wordsmith to help on the text. Then, place that text in one master document. Select all and change the typeface […]

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