Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hey Fletch … Seriously—this is an invaluable resource. Love that you are doing so much writing. I like the “Hey Fletch” column. Thanks for featuring the 14 years of XP-Seminar in the e-newsletter.

DRF—Yes, in this new season of focusing solely on the XPastor community, it has been a joy to help so many people and churches. Christianity Today has picked up the “Hey Fletch” column in one of their websites, as has the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. “Hey Fletch” has been a wonderful way to interact with so many folks with strategic and tactical questions.

The XP-Seminar will, of course, be back in 2019. It will be our 15th Seminar, bringing the very best in national speakers and workshops by so many leaders.

You mentioned the e-newsletter. Anyone can sign up for free to receive it. Tami, my wife and a Director of XPastor, has been sending it out for so many years and we love to get comments about it.

I am just finishing my third book, Smart Money for Church Salaries. We will be bringing 12 regional workshops around the country on that topic in the fall of 2018. I hope that we will see you and your church leaders at the workshop!