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How can leaders know how staff are feeling about their pay, work pressures and problems?

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Sex abuse claims are the top reason churches go to court. What protocols does your church need?

From the Hey Fletch Archive

Questions for Reference Checks

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 Hey Fletch … Are there any limits to the questions we can ask in a reference call? I ask because I used to work for a para-church organization and was involved in hiring a few times. One of my supervisors used to say that he gets around any illegal questions by asking the references those questions … because everything is free game with a reference. I wanted to check and see [...]

Borrowing Designated (Restricted) Gift Balances

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 Hey Fletch … Our finances have trended downward and we borrowed $20,000 from the unused balances of restricted funds. This caused some controversy on the church board. What is your counsel? DRF—I have received so many questions about restricted gifts to churches. I’ve consulted with my friend Dan Busby, President of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Here are his thoughts. Dan—This type of borrowing does occur, often referred to as [...]

Hiring Questions

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 Hey Fletch … I have a question about hiring a new staff member. I am the lead pastor at my church and have never been on this side of the hiring process. I know that there are questions which are illegal to ask applicants under the equal opportunity employment act (such as I can't ask if they are married or have a family). My understanding that churches are bound by this [...]

Numbers Based on Operating Budget or Total Revenue

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 Hey Fletch … Do you have benchmark data that documents total compensation as a percent of total revenue (restricted and unrestricted), not just of the operating budget? I know over the years I have seen references to both. We chose to interpret it as total revenue, and I’d like to see more recent data supporting our interpretation. DRF—I’m in the camp of looking at total revenue when making comparisons about compensation. [...]

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