Monday, October 22, 2018

Hey Fletch … I promised to send you the results of our poll of 18 churches. Here is the file with what we found. What do you glean from the findings?

DRF—Thank you for sending the file and letting me share it with others. The small poll gives good insight into what they contribute toward employee and family medical premiums. Your data from 18 churches found:

Ministers Dependents of Ministers Administrators Dependents of Administrators Support Staff Dependents of Support Staff
99% 70% 95% 39% 95% 33%

You are in a larger church with over 1,000 in worship. Your poll went up to churches of 10,000 in worship. 

The Affordable Care Act requires employers with more than 50 full-time equivalent employees to provide health benefits. The IRS says, “Employer-provided coverage is considered affordable for an employee if the employee required contribution is no more than 9.56 percent (as adjusted) of that employee’s household income.” In the poll, this difference is seen in what is paid for employees verses their dependents.

The poll shows that the churches pay 99% of the ministers health premium and 70% of the dependents of ministers. Church administrative staff have 95% of their premium paid and 39% for their dependents. Support staff also have 95% of their premium paid and 33% for their dependents.

Generally, churches provide good medical insurance benefits for their pastors. The dependents of administrator and support staff could be a lower number due to either the plans churches offer or insurance through a spouse. 

While the poll only had 18 churches with over 1,000 in worship, it would be interesting to know what a larger sample shows. You have provided some great data!