Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hey Fletch … There have been some good developments and resolution on the ‘leading the leadership team’ front. A person from the denominational ‘church health team’ has spoken to our leaders. He used the term ‘architect of culture’ to describe the Senior Pastor role. It seems to have ‘clicked.’ A couple of people realized what they have wanted me to be and what I have historically been. That sidestepped one or two who had been imagining a very directive kind of leadership being in place if they referred to me as “leading the eldership.”

DRF—This is great progress for your church. Resolving leadership conflict takes time and energy. I am so pleased that you brought in someone from your denomination. Often when I consult with churches, just the process of hearing an external and objective voice can normalize the conversation. So many churches think, “We are the only ones with this issue.” While the specifics of issues are unique, the general dimensions of church problems are amazingly consistent around the world.

Continue to meet with and hold near those who disagree with you. Differences of opinion are not the problem—they can be an asset. Problems grow when we don’t validate the opinions of others and carefully consider them. We need to know that different views are vital. Issues get only larger when we leaders fail to acknowledge “the elephant in the room.”

I applaud your steadfastness. Continue on the path. Good discussion, coupled with competent outside counsel, can bring people together. We can do so much when we realize that our objective is to serve Christ, extend the ministry of church and love one another.