ECFA Podcast with Fletch on Salaries

ECFA Podcast with Fletch on Salaries

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability recently said, “XPastor to the Rescue with Church Salary Workshops.” Compensation can be a murky issue for churches. Few resources are available that are both approachable and accurate. Michael Martin, ECFA Vice President and Legal Counsel, did a podcast with David Fletcher on church compensation.

The interview talks about the rise of the XP role and how Fletch developed the XPastor website. It then moves into the challenges that churches face on the myriad of acronyms and issues. There is DOL, FICA, FLSA, SECA and the ministers housing allowances. Churches need to compare and set fair salaries. All this has to be done within complex rules and regulations.

Listen to Michael Martin: “Podcast: Smart Money for Church Salaries with David Fletcher.”

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For over 35 years, David has served churches from 1,000 to 8,000 members. As well as being a pastor, David is a spiritual entrepreneur. He founded XPastor as a global ministry tool for leaders of churches of all sizes. XPastor provides a website, an XP-Newsletter, the annual XP-Seminar, workshops, and online courses.