Friday, March 1, 2019

Hey Fletch … Do you have any thoughts on putting security cameras in children’s ministry classrooms? If this is something you recommend, do you have any recommendations as to companies to get quotes? Our first shot at a quote was almost $70,000.

DRF— My next book is “Predators in the Church: (August 2019), so I have been researching issues like this.

Security cameras are a good idea and their cost has come down in the last few years. As one church learned last November, if you have cameras, they need to be monitored.

As to the price, there are so many variables. I would suggest you get at least two bids and would be happiest with three. Compare what you get in terms of equipment, installation and how long you can retain the videos in storage. 

Predators hate efforts in deterrence. They don’t want to get caught. So do all you can to demonstrate that you watching. Remember that video cameras are just one part of security. Predators are smart and will try to figure out if they are monitored or where the gaps are.