Monday, November 12, 2018

Hey Fletch … God has showed my calling to many and I’m starting to see it. I fell off church due to a bad relationship. I’ve been through so much and learned so much and don’t know the next step. I want to become a pastor! Any advice helps.

DRF—One of my favorite books is “Pilgrim’s Progress.” Written by John Bunyan in 1678, it has never gone out of print. It is the allegory of Christian who struggles along the path of life. We all struggle along that path!

The Apostle Peter denied Christ—“At that he began to curse, and he swore with an oath, ‘I do not know the man!’” Matthew 27:74 NET Bible ®  Peter cursed, swore and took an oath. That is strong and salty language!

I’m so glad to see you realize why you “fell off church.” Now it is time to learn and grow from it. Grace gives us the freedom to not have been perfect. Grace empowers us to accept God’s forgiveness and share it with others.

Since you and others are seeing God’s call on your life, start serving. The issue is not “paid or volunteer,” as both avenues can be used by God. Get into your local church and use your gifts. Get some education along the way. Education equips us for ministry and shows us doctrinal and practical mistakes made in the past. There is no need to repeat those mistakes!

Get with leaders in your church and pastors in the area. Learn from those who have been doing ministry for decades. Discover your gifts and serve.