Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hey Fletch … I see that you are having over 30 workshops at the XP-Seminar. I’m already enrolled and am excited to be back. Give me some insight on which ones would be best for me.

DRF—I am so glad that you didn’t ask, “which are the best workshops?” I would have had to say, “They all are fantastic!” 

You asked which ones would be best for you at this specific time in your church life. At the XP-Seminar, we have workshops for folks at every stage of leadership—from just starting out to advanced issues. Pastors and national leaders are bringing 34 workshops.

Since you are thinking of renovating your building, you should consider the workshop with Bruce Woody from HH Architects and one from Jody Forehand of Visioneering Studios on “Know Before You Go: Is My Church Ready for a Big Project?” They can help you with design issues.

To finance your project, see Brad Leeper’s workshop from Generis on “Church Analytics.” Also check out Kari Boyce & Chris Lewis from Thrivent on “Hidden Money—Financing Strategies in Uncertain Economic Times.” Finally, consider Steve Hron’s workshop from Cass Bank on “Preparing for a Faith-Based Loan.” 

Finally, if that renovation includes kid’s spaces, go to the workshop by Todd Parks from Worlds of Wow on “What Does Your Kid’s Ministry Space Say to Your Visitors?”