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5 Best Practices in Training a Board Member

Do you think something’s amiss when volunteer parking attendants for church services or ministry events get more training for their work than the volunteer board members who govern the church or ministry? Join us for a session in which we discuss five best practices in training a board member. It doesn’t have to be as complicated or time-consuming as you might think.  And the outcomes could have a lasting and positive impact on the accomplishment of your mission.

Mike Batts is the managing partner of Batts Morrison Wales and Lee. He has more than 30 years of experience serving nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways. Mike actively engages in nonprofit legislative matters at the federal and state levels. He has served on and chaired the boards of nonprofit organizations, both nationally and locally.

Pastor Tax 101

At this session, you will be provided with an overview of the federal income tax benefits and rules applicable to ministers. Topics will include: Who is eligible?; Dual Tax Status; Exemption from Social Security Coverage; Housing Allowance Exclusion; Exemption from Income Tax Withholding; Honoraria and Minister Gifts; The Deason Rule; Accountable Plan Rules; and more.

Michele M. Wales, CPA, is a Partner and the National Director of Tax Services at Batts Morrison Wales & Lee.  She has supervisory responsibility for the firm’s tax practice, with expertise in federal, state, and local tax issues affecting nonprofit organizations. Michele has more than 20 years of experience in public accounting, and has also served as chief financial officer for a large nonprofit social services agency and controller for an airplane manufacturing company. She is also a Chartered Global Management Accountant. She has been a conference speaker on nonprofit taxation issues at both the local and national levels.

Where Are We At with Electronic Giving?

By now most churches have rolled out some form of electronic platform as a way for members to conveniently and safely give to the church’s mission. What is the current status of electronic giving? Has it been embraced across all generations? What are the trends with new technology and ways to ensure they are secure? This workshop will answer these questions and also address how can church leaders use donor analytics derived from an electronic giving platform to foster a culture of generosity, bring first time contributors to a path of generosity and help established givers organize and control their donations.

Steven A. Hron is Vice President of Cass Commercial Bank, Church and Ministries Division.

Dustin Bosscher is the Co-Founder of Gyve Generosity Services, a division of Cass Commercial Bank.

Key Metrics to Manage: Session 1

As a ministry executive, figuring out what needs to be measured is of critically high importance. Our time together will be spent learning about key financial metrics that every ministry executive should be paying attention to. We will be sharing 10 metrics that may help create a good environment for success. Come find out as we study these metrics together. Feel free to attend both sessions or just one!

Teresa Loker is the Director of Church Loan Underwriting at Thrivent Church Financing. Teresa has been helping ministries nationwide with their financing needs for the last 25 years. She was previously with Bank of the West in their Religious Institution Lending Division. As the Managing Director of Credit, she oversaw a $1.3 billion church loan portfolio with direct management of the underwriting team. During her tenure, she was also a relationship manager and played a key role in business development. Her career experience also includes jobs in retail banking, commercial real estate and asset based lending. She is also fluent in Spanish.

Chris Lewis is the Senior Relationship Manager at Thrivent Church Financing. Born in Brazil, where his parents served as missionaries, Chris learned 3 languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English. In 2006, after assisting the church he was attending with a capital campaign, Chris discovered that there was a need for lenders to work with growing ministries. Over the years, Chris has worked with growing ministries by providing sustainable financing solutions for construction, acquisition and refinancing.

The Fast-Changing Landscape of Retaining Talent

The most expensive hire you will ever make i