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In the darkness a light shines for the godly,
for each one who is merciful, compassionate, and just.  —Psalm 112:4

2019 Workshops

The New XP

What is needed in the first 90 days, the first six months and the first year of being an XP? There are special challenges when entering the role. Are you ready or in the midst of it already? Some new XPs have been in their church for years and enter the role. Others move to the city and become the XP. Still others transition from business to ministry life.

Craig McLain is the Executive Pastor of Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota–an active and growing non-denominational church of over 5,000 members and attendees with two campuses in the Southwest suburbs of the Twin Cities. He works closely with the Senior Pastor to define and deliver organizational leadership and vision for Grace Church while leading the efforts of staff to accomplish the church’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities. Professionally, Craig has an extended background in both the public and private business sectors. Most recently, he served as the Vice President of Global Business Development for a medical device company. Prior to that he was one of the founding executives of a company that provides innovative technologies to the Life Science industry. Craig has just finished his second year and has plenty of stories to share and lessons learned.

Mentoring Your Staff

Mentor your staff and help them move their lives and leadership forward—helping them strengthen their gifts, talents and abilities while keeping balance in their lives.

Dr. Nathan Baxter, founder of Lead Self Lead Others has been leading teams and helping people move their stories forward for over twenty years. Before starting his Executive Coaching career, he served for 28 years in full time ministry, filling the roles of Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor, and Executive Pastor.

Strategic Shifts Every Leader Needs to Make

Why do some leaders scale and grow with their organizations while others flounder or flame out? How can some leaders grow from managing a small team to overseeing hundreds of employees and volunteers? What do these leaders do differently at critical moments? In an era of urgency and expediency there is little room for leaders to develop the wisdom that is only gleaned through time and experience.  Today’s leaders are plagued by urgency and unrealistic expectations for immediate impact. This session will equip you with the critical perspective shifts you must embrace to think differently and continually be lifting the lid on your leadership capacity.

Jenni Catron is a leadership coach and founder of The 4Sight Group, an organization that consults on leadership, team culture and organizational health. Her passion is to lead well and to inspire, equip and encourage others to do the same. Jenni is the author of several books including Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence and The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership. She loves a fabulous cup of tea, great books, learning the game of tennis and hiking with her husband.

What Does Your Kid’s Ministry Space Say to Your Visitors?

This workshop will examine check-in centers, hallways, classrooms and multi-functional rooms. What do these areas of your kid’s ministry say to your visitors? Does it welcome them, provide comfort and ease of navigation? Check-in centers should be safe, simple and fun. Check-in centers provide wonderful opportunities for a great first impression, as they are one of the first things your visitors will see. In the hallways, it’s great to have wayfinding signs so that visitors can easily navigate your facility. Classrooms and group rooms can become adventurous destinations where kids come ready to learn and explore.

We know you want to reach families in your community with your unique message and vision. One of the most effective ways to draw families to your church is by providing a welcoming environment for parents and their children. In this workshop we’ll cover ways to make your environment just as friendly and welcoming as your church family! Open your doors for visitors with love, comfort and excitement!

Todd Parks has over 21 years of ministry experience. He is a visionary servant leader who sees not only what is but what can be. Prior to joining Worlds of Wow, Todd served as an Executive Ministry Consultant where he helped over one hundred churches build incredible teams through church staffing, consulting, compensation analysis, and succession planning. Todd is a Business Development Manager with Worlds of Wow, a company that creates cool and fun environments for kids and families.

How Churches Can Leverage the Coming Big Data Revolution

Big Data tools are being used in retail, healthcare, education and other fields. They are just entering the realm of affordability and usefulness for churches. How should we understand the tools available now? How are forward thinking churches using the tools NOW? Which tools are coming this year and how do you need to prepare your team and church to leverage them for kingdom use?

Dave Travis is the Director of Strategic Counsel for Pastors and Church Boards at Generis. He also serves as a Senior Consultant at Leadership Network where he has worked with large churches for almost 25 years. For the past four years he has tracked with Leadership Network’s involvement with Big Data tools and their real-life applications for churches. A former engineer, pastor and denominational official, he now works primarily to help churches and pastors make plans for “What’s Next?”

The XP-SP Relationship … and all those other people on staff

Are you spinning lots of plates? Juggling lots of balls? Never a boring day? If you could master one thing that would make the biggest ministry impact in your church, what would that be? There’s budgets, and policies, and security, and strategy, and vision, and programs, and buildings, discipleship and all of the the other things that fill the days of the Executive Pastor. What about the relationship between the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor? Join us as we talk through the breakthroughs, set-backs and keys to a vibrant and healthy XP-SP relationship. In addition, we’ll dig into the keys to good staff relations between the Executive Pastor and student ministry, facilities, creative/worship arts, kids ministry and more.

Eric Rojas is the XP of Rolling Hills Community Church in Nashville. He is a coach, developer and overseer of the staff and ministries with 14 years of experience as an XP. During his 25+ years of ministry, Eric has served in churches various pastoral roles.

Eric Ferris is the Executive Teaching Pastor of the 5000+ member Vineyard Cincinnati Church. Eric earned a Biblical Studies Degree at Wheaton Graduate School. Eric is known for bringing clarity in complexity, love for the local church, and a straightforward approach to life and ministry.

Church Budgeting When Resources Are Scarce

Many churches are experiencing financial pressures that are causing them to reduce their budgets. The challenge becomes ensuring leadership and the board understand what expenses can be cut while still maximizing ministry.  This workshop will show the participants how to: 1) Prepare a clear and compelling analysis of fixed, semi-fixed, and variable budgeted expenses; 2) Clearly explain to church leadership and the board which areas of the budget can be easily reduced, and which cannot; 3) Execute a strategy to effectively reduce budgeted expenses while maximizing ministry effectiveness. In this workshop, a CPA and former Executive Pastor and church CFO will show that, while challenging, these objectives can both be achieved.

Rob Faulk serves as Partner and Church and Denomination Services Director at CapinCrouse. He has more than 35 years of financial leadership experience in serving both for-profit and nonprofit entities, as well as more than eight years of direct ministry experience as Executive Pastor and CFO of large churches. He previously served with a Big Six accounting firm, where he was the lead manager on the project that developed the COSO Internal Control framework. Rob holds a MA in Ministry Management from Azusa Pacific University Graduate School of Theology.

Preparing for a Faith-Based Loan

Is your church growing? Looking to expand facilities? Looking to go multi-site? If you potentially need a loan to accomplish these objectives, this workshop will provide a great summary on areas you can focus on as an XP to prepare for a faith-based loan. We will discuss interest rates, evaluate the current lending environment, explain certain bank ratios that apply to ministry and suggest ways to make your lending request stand out to a bank. Our discussion will be centered around a hypothetical church case study that may just look a little bit like your church!

This workshop is brought to you by Steve Hron, Vice President of Lending at Cass Bank. Steve has been serving churches and other nonprofits for over 27 years with their financing needs. Cass Bank began in 1906 and is a long time provider of banking services to religious organizations and non-profits, including financing for churches. Cass Bank loans help build, acquire, and renovate ministry facilities or refinance current debt.

Handling Challenging Counseling Situations

Counseling isn’t an area that many senior leaders signed up for. The challenge of bearing the burdens for others is a task at times. Nicholas Smith brings best practices and discussion about how to deal with difficult people and situations. Whether it’s a church member, another leader or someone off the street. We all need the safety of a counselor on this life journey. Nicholas gives ideas on some of the harder situations in counseling. It might be someone who drops by the church and you are the only pastor there. It might be a friend or relative. It might be with a fellow pastor in the community or even a fellow staff member.

Pastor Nicholas A. Smith is the Executive Assistant Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church, working hand-in-hand and assisting pastor-teacher Bishop David G. Evans. He is a long-time friend of XPastor, with some outstanding articles on the site.

Dream Bigger—
From Maintenance to Multiplication

Throughout history, every move of God has required men and women to grow dramatically and step out in great faith. We need to continually elevate the standards of our faith, evaluate the expectations of ourselves and deepen our belief in the goodness of God. It’s time to reimagine the capacity of the local church, not only in your specific content but around the world! Yes, we have accomplished much in ministry but what are we dreaming about next? Leaders, we won’t lead well or last long without great faith! Join me for a discussion around ten leadership questions that we must all resolve in order to take our churches to the next level.

Daniel Rolfe is the Senior Pastor at Mountain Springs Church. Born in Suffolk, England, Daniel has the coolest accent at the XP-Seminar.

More workshops will be posted soon.

Thanks again for the conference. Thanks for the privilege (and I mean that, privilege) of sharing a slice of life experiences with the conference participants. You continue to provide a necessary, stimulating, and exciting energy to many of us in ministry—Paul Utnage, XP