Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hey Fletch … After a long process, I learned that the church is not going to hire me as the XP. The are hiring someone else. The church wants to keep me in my existing role and I would report to the new XP. Should I stay?

DRF—As I have reflected on this, I would say, “yes, stay.” However, I would add some qualifications. You were treated well in the process. There were plenty of candid conversations about you and the XP role. The church listened to your desire and interacted with you. Count yourself as being treated well by the church. They talked, prayed and made a decision.

Another plus is they acknowledged that your current ministry is going exceedingly well. This is a strong sign that the church understands the strengths that God has given you.

The challenge is that you wanted the XP role and the opportunity that comes with it. There is always disappointment that comes when not getting a ministry position. This makes it natural for you to ask your question about staying at the church.

I would get to know the new XP. See what they bring into the position. See if you can work under them. Simultaneously, I would suggest that you have conversations with the church leadership about where they see that you need to grow to become an XP. They may have valid concerns, even blind spots, that you need to address.

You may need to grow in both education and experience in the XP role. Perhaps over the next three to five years, you can expand your ministry profile. This could put you in a position to get an XP role at another church in the near future.

Keep looking up and trusting God. Ask the hard questions and listen to what people are telling you.