Evaluating Senior Pastor Salaries

Evaluating Senior Pastor Salaries

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hey Fletch … I’m using the XPastor Compensation Survey. We are beginning the process of hiring a Senior Pastor and the Board is wanting to evaluate all salaries. We have some work to do to come up with ranges relevant to our church and area, our location is so very expensive to move into.

DRF—The realtors say it best, “location, location, location.” You are in an expensive area for housing. So, your salaries will have to be somewhat higher. You might also consider church sponsored housing loans. You can loan money to a staff member at a fair interest rate so that they can purchase a home. Talk to a good CPA firm about the best practices of how to do this. Our $49 Compensation Survey will give you relevant data on other churches in your region and of your size.

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