Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hey Fletch … I like your suggestion about getting people’s stories. How do you do that in a church?

DRF—One of the best way to measure the effectiveness of your vision statement is to hear stories of ministry. Are people really doing ministry in alignment with your vision statement? Or is everyone doing their own deal?

Stories take a great deal of work to collect. It requires a culture of storytelling. Culture can be hard to implement. Once sharing ministry stories is in your church culture, it is powerful and effective.

I would suggest asking ministry leaders for their stories. Do this in a personal request, either face-to-face or by email. Have them write up their story and put it in your e-news. Share the story from the stage during the call for the offering. Invite them to put their story on video and post it on the website.

Once your key leaders are telling ministry stories, the rest of the congregation will begin to get the idea.