February 4, 2018

Hey Doc … Our new giver email is a mess. I clicked on a link and got a 404—page not found. The fonts are all strange for people who get it. Help!

DRF—An email to a new donor needs to be pristine. This is how newcomers see your! I’d suggest that you get a wordsmith to help on the text. Then, place that text in one master document. Select all and change the typeface to the same font and size. Check and double check all the links. A 404 happens when the link goes to a non-existent page.

We recently got a quote from a company that had the link: “Click here to see that we are Number 1 in the industry!” When I went to the review by an independent company, the firm was rated number 2. Oops, so much for bragging and not checking links!

A new donor email should be reviewed every six months. Check the text for it being fresh and up-to-date. Input the latest ministry story. Click all the links! Then copy the text all at once to your email. Different fonts happen when you copy from multiple sources.