In these three videos, David Fletcher (XP at EvFree Fullerton and Founder of XPastor) and Brad Leeper (President of Generis) talk about generosity in the church. As they answer questions posed by Executive Pastors, many illustrations will be shared regarding how churches have succeeded or failed in their efforts to increase giving.


Sharing Stories

In the first video, the importance of sharing stories—instead of just asking for money—is discussed. Stop talking about money in your church services and start sharing how God is working among your people.


Growing the Heart

In the second video, Brad and David will talk of linking a person’s generosity to growing their heart. Asking questions like “What is our value” or “What is God doing through us” helps the church see the need for giving of their money and their time. Also discussed is who in your churches’ leadership should lead the charge on generosity.



In the third video, David and Brad discuss how reading metrics can help leadership in accessing their churches’ generosity. Should pastors know details of how their people are giving? Is giving at the church where it should be?