Friday, July 27, 2018

Hey Fletch … How do I receive the Compensation Survey?  Mail or email?

DRF—The XPastor Compensation Survey is online. You can enroll and get all the data online. If you submit your data, receive $15 off the price. This is not a requirement, just an offer!

While it is smaller than other national surveys, it is the least expensive! 

XPastor’s “Big Tamale” salary survey gives you access to hundreds of churches around the country. In an easy to read format, it lists the major positions in a church—Senior Pastor to Administrative Assistant. Compare salaries from similar-sized churches in your region. All data is posted anonymously. Your church will be grouped by geographic location, such as “south” or “west.” Your confidential information is secure.

Also check out the workshops, Smart Money for Church Salaries. These will be one-day workshops in twelve regions of the country this August through November.