When you are interviewing potential Construction Managers for your church’s building project, what type of questions should you ask? What things should you ask them to discuss and describe? Below are some suggested questions, provided by an experienced architect, John Jackson.

Interview Questions

  1. Discuss experience of the superintendent and project manager.
  2. What experience do you have sitting in our church’s position?
  3. How do you contribute during design to help achieve the best value?
  4. Describe your process for conceptual estimating during the early stages of design.
  5. How do you choose subcontractors to bid on the project? (If church participation is not mentioned then ask if the church can contribute to the list of subcontractors who bid).
  6. Describe how you achieve quality in construction.
  7. Discuss safety.
  8. Describe how and when you show the church the cost of construction.
  9. How do you facilitate change by the church?
  10. Discuss savings.
  11. Discuss the Change Order Process.
  12. Discuss the Punch List Process.
  13. Discuss the Close-out and Warranty Process.
  14. Why do you want this project?