Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hey Fletch … I could not find anything on Facility Use policies on XPastor. Can you direct me to some templates?

DRF—We have some facility policies on XPastor. Check out this page on XPastor. It is not our speciality, though.

I would also recommend Church Facilities Management Solutions. Tim Cool hosts this site and it is devoted to that topic. You need to register for free access. Let me ask Tim to describe CFMS.

Tim—Church Facility Management Solutions is the only online membership community designed to provided best-in-class facility management information for every church, regardless of size, shape, denomination, city, state, or staffing structure. 

You also do not have to be a facility manager to benefit from the information provided. A free CFMS membership provides:

  1. Weekly information sent directly to you to help you be proactive and intentional with the care of your facility.
  2. Online community so that you can get input and feedback from hundreds of other church and facility leaders.
  3. Monthly webinars by industry professionals to provide relevant information and resources for your church facility management.
  4. Vetted vendors will put a list of qualified vendors at your fingertips with the assurance that they have been pre-qualified by our team … and they do not pay to be on this list.
  5. Free resources will be developed and made available to members including worksheets, forms, policy docs, job descriptions, etc.
  6. Availability to consulting and training services.