Summers are pretty busy for XPs. Beyond the normal budget preparation that keeps me busy, we also launched a major publicity venture for our 9/11 sermon series. This was a three-week series talking about the implications of 9/11. I’ve never done anything quite this intensive in publicity before:

  • We sent post cards to every household in 13 major zip codes—about 160,000 postcards.
  • The Senior Pastor was interviewed by the main local newspaperand we sent our press releases to other newspapers.
  • We put our message on six digital billboards along local freeways.
  • We gave postcards to every family after a worship service. We asked our people to give them to friends and neighbors.

We talked extensively to the congregation, verbally and in print, about having “water cooler” discussions at work. Their co-workers, as well as friends and neighbors, would receive the post cards or see the digital billboards. We wanted our people to be ready to engage in good discussion and invite their friends to church.

Just some ideas on communicating ministry to those outside your church walls …