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Welcome to a Great Learning Experience!

XPastor Online Courses use easy-to-use tools to help you grow. Usernames and Passwords protect your account and give you access to your courses. The My Account page summaries all of your courses. Class pages list all information about a class and allow you to view the videos.

Participate in a class at the office, at home or on the go with the free WebEx tool. Join the class as a live student or watch the video later.

The Learning Environment

There are five key aspects to the XPastor Online Courses. These make it easy and practical to become grounded in the various disciplines of being a church leader.

Interaction—Participate in regularly scheduled webinars or watch later.

Analysis—Pertinent topics and discussion help you analyze ministry. This brings direct benefit to your church.

Reading—The required reading enhances your understanding and increases your breadth of knowledge.

Location—You can learn at the office or at home—make your own schedule. As a self-guided course, you also study at your own pace.

Assignments—Each course has practical work that impacts your church. Each assignment will be evaluated by the professor. You can audit a class and not do the homework.

Team Study

Each course allows for teams to learn, study and do the assignments together. For example, a church leader may want key staff and volunteers in the Communications Department to join her/him for the course on Communications. This can be an excellent method to raise the bar and thinking of a department in your church. Also, leaders from a church or region may desire to band together for one or more courses. Pastors in a multisite church may desire to go through the entire process together.

Each person on the team must enroll in the course. Each person will receive continuing education credit and a grade for that course. Each person must integrally participate in every assignment; teams cannot dole out assignments to various members. Work that is turned in by a team must be at an even higher caliber than assignments by individuals.

Username and Password

  • When you enroll in your first course, you may choose your own Username.  The web system will assign you a password.
  • Your Username is permanent. You can change your Password by clicking on the “lost your password?” button.

My Account

  • Use the My Account menu item, at the top right of the screen, to log in and see the courses that you are enrolled in.
  • Click on a course from the My Account page to go to a course.
  • If you cannot access your courses, it is most likely that you are not logged in.  If you are having difficulty, please see the footer of every page for email assistance.

Class Pages Contain

  • The course and class title: For live classes, the date of the class is listed. All classes are recorded and can be viewed at any time.
  • A short biography of the guest lecturer: Many of our guest lecturers are available for consultation after the class. If so, his or her contact information is listed.
  • After the class has met, the class page will have links to the WebEx recording of recent classes.
  • Class PowerPoint: The PowerPoint is embedded in the webinar and recording, but this link lets you download the PowerPoint.
  • Required reading:  If the article is online at XPastor, then a link is also given. Suggested reading may be given as well.
  • Supplemental material: may also be posted on the class page, such as videos, PDFs from the lecturer or other documents.

WebEx is our Online Tool

  • Before every live class, you will be sent a WebEx invitation for that session. You can get a WebEx account at no cost. WebEx allows you to see the live video of each speaker, ask questions in the chat window and participate in the discussion.
  • For participation in live classes, you will want a computer, tablet or smart phone with video capability.
  • Within six months, the WebEx recording of the class will be edited and converted into a movie format for one-step viewing in your browser.

For Credit or Audit?

  • Contract for the grade that you desire. Do the required assignments and email them to Tami Fletcher within six month of beginning a course.
  • Enroll in Crown College to have your classes transferred into one of their Masters Degree programs.
  • If you audit a course, you do not have to do the assignments—but you won’t get graduate degree credit for your course.